Latest HVAC problems - Eaton Elem. School 



Parent’s Right to know

By: Pat Hunter

January 21, 2009


Eaton Elementary School


Good PR and media are created by avoiding negative pitfalls. If you don’t want to make the 6:00 PM news about heating problems, my best guess is fix the HVAC problems, before it becomes a serious issue! The week of single digit frigid weather, Loudon County Schools made TV 6:00 P.M. news once again; the latest problem was over heating issues at Eaton Elementary School. “Loudon Co. students attend school with no heat.”

WATE TV 6 reported how a grandmother was concerned about heating problems at Eaton Elementary School. The TV report spoke about how the lady’s grandchild was recovering from pneumonia and she had just discovered that her grandchild had “been going to a school that had no heat in the cafeteria, common area and some classrooms intermittently since Tuesday.” The grandmother felt that school personnel should have informed her about the heating problem and given her the option of keeping her granddaughter home.

Greenback School

HVAC and roofing issues have been the topic of discussion for some time now. A parent from Greenback School brought that issue to the forefront at a Loudon County Board of Education meeting and press reports followed. Subsequently, HVAC units were finally installed at Greenback School.


Loudon Elementary School  


Not too long ago, a local blog written by Loudon Elementary School parent expressed concerns when she was not informed about cooling problems at her school. It appears that the same school also experienced other HVAC problems last school year, where the temperature gauge read a very uncomfortable 58 degrees.  But, in August 2008 as the new school year commenced, there was an air conditioning problem that wasn't fixed from the previous school year.


The parent became concerned when she was not informed about the cooling problem. She felt that she had a right to be informed about the cooling problems so she could make an informed decision about dressing her child accordingly and supply the child with water to help keep the child from getting sick. School personnel finally sent a note home informing parents about the cooling problems. The temperatures reached 85 degrees in classrooms of first and second grade students. Concerned parents and custodians like to stay informed about issues that affect the well being of their children such as heating and cooling issues and/or any other issue or concern that impacts their child. Based on parent and grandparent complaints, some school personnel have been slow to communicate or to  keep parents informed about these issues.


Parents and grandparents have a right to speak out about health and safety issues that affect their children. Unless parents and others are willing to voice their concerns and demand that these problems be addressed in a timely fashion, we will not see resolution to issues, which affect students, teachers and staff!