IRENE LANE Part II– Here we go again!



Proposed $1 Million Library

Wheels in motion for $1Million Tellico Library

By: Pat Hunter

August 5, 2008


At the August 4, 2008 Loudon County Commission meeting, Planner Russ Newman addressed the rezoning request of a 5.57 acre tract of land located off Irene. The request was to rezone the parcel, part of the 70 acre White Farm, from agricultural to commercial, which is to be used for the proposed new library and self storage units. There was no discussion by commission and no one came forward to speak about the proposed library. Former circuit court clerk Connie Clark, past president of the Friends of the Library, sat in the audience with a small group of Tellico Village residents. 


Planner Newman gave a brief overview of the rezoning request. Part of the tract was sold to the Tellico Village Community Church and according to the church website a large expansion is proposed. Several weeks ago, open burning occurred on the church property and the current county open burning ban does not seem to exempt churches from open burning.


Commissioner Don Miller made the motion, seconded by Commissioner David Meers, to accept the planning commission’s recommendation to rezone the 5.57 acre parcel from agricultural to commercial. This now paves the way for the Tellico Village Friends to move forward with their funding request to the County. During the early part of budget meetings in preparation of the proposed Fiscal 08-09 Budget, Miller commented that he would be asking Commissioners for support for the proposed library.


Last year, when the Library Board Chairman spoke before the Budget Committee, he commented that the Library Board was not promoting a new library building for Tellico Village; their goal was to obtain adequate funding for all the libraries. 


Commissioner Don Miller is on the Budget Committee and he is very vocal when it comes to School spending. He is insistent when it comes to holding down School Board spending but what about Miller's spending or Commission's and Mayor Arp's spending?


IRENE LANE, the rest of the story…


At the June 16, 2008, Loudon County Regional Planning Commission meeting, planning officials unanimously approved the request for rezoning of 5.57 acres of property located on Irene Lane from A-1 Agriculture-Forestry District to C-2, General Commercial District. The owner Glen Gregg was present to speak about his latest request.  The land in the vicinity of Irene Lane is farm land and residential property. A small commercial strip is located off Richey Road outside the Tellico Village boundary, which is the present location of the Tellico Village Library.


Irene Lane is located outside Tellico Village and adjacent to the Tellico Village Community Church. Irene Lane was a dead end road. Commissioner Don Miller urged the County to apply for a grant to give additional access on Irene Lane to the Tellico Village Community Church. Loudon County and the Community Church helped pay the grant match.


Open burning occurred during the construction of Irene Lane, just days after the Open Burning Ban was passed by Loudon County. Commissioner Don Miller was and is a part of the Loudon County Air Quality Task Force. Commissioner Miller’s stance was that the project was started beforehand and grandfathered, thus exempt from the rules. Leave it up to a former Exxon Executive to make excuses for violating the county’s open burning law.          



Irene Lane road construction 2006

Rural area gets approval for 5 units per acre (PUD)

2-years later Senior Living facility plan in Limbo


On June 5, 2006, Commissioner Don Miller made the motion, seconded by Comm. Nancy Marcus to approve a 37 acre parcel of land intended for a senior living facility. Requests for rezoning have easily sailed through the planning process meeting planning commission approval. The request was originally made on April 18, 2006, to rezone 37 acres of property between Irene Lane and Watt Cemetery Road, from A-2, Rural Residential District, to R-1/PUD, Suburban Residential District with Planned Unit Development Overlay of 5.0 units per acre. According to planning meeting minutes, Glenn Gregg and Wayne Campbell, owners of the property were present, along with Aaron Conley of Banyon Senior Living. The five units per acre were approved. Over 2-years later the senior living complex has yet to materialize!