Why is dumping allowed on vacant property?


Background: Large trailers belonging to Construction Design and Management Inc.(CDM) parked along overgrown lot with construction trash.


Vacant lot located between MedPlex and Wal Mart

By: Pat Hunter

Current Loudon County regulations govern overgrown vegetation on vacant lots. But at the March 1, 2010 meeting, Loudon County commissioners discussed regulating overgrown vegetation on owner-occupied lots. The proposed overgrown vegetation regulation gave sweeping powers to the county to force residential home owners to pay for the cleanup or face a lien with the possibility of foreclosure. The overgrown regulation for owner occupied lots did not apply to commercial or industrial properties.  After the majority of commissioners spoke against the proposed weed regulation, Commissioner Nancy Marcus withdrew her motion effectively killing the weed regulation on the vine.

Lenoir City like many other densely populated municipalities adopted ordinances and codes enforcement to regulate litter and overgrown lots, which begs the question, why has dumping been allowed to take place on a vacant lot, which is located in a retail and medical area zone off Highway 321?

Why are Lenoir City Hall officials, building codes and enforcement looking the other way?


Construction garbage strewn on vacant lot located in Lenoir City

Background picture: Construction Design & Management (CDM) Inc. tractor trailers.

According to MANTA Report, CDM is owned by businessman Mark S. Matlock.