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Scott Newman chairs May 14 School Board meeting  


Summer Food Program Comments Get Axed!


By: Pat Hunter

May 31, 2009


Loudon County TV-3 community channel is currently re-broadcasting the May 14th Loudon County Board of Education meeting but when it came to airing public comments at the end of the meeting, public comments were not aired because TV-3 edited out and censored public comments on matters not on the meeting agenda. Vice-Chair Scott Newman presided over most of the Loudon County Board of Education meeting after Chairman Leroy Tate left the meeting early. Newman asked, �Ok, now is the time for any visitor that�s got a matter that is not on the agenda.� 


Alyson Millsap addressed the School Board about Summer Food Program for youth

Her comments were edited from meeting by Community TV-3


Have you watched the cable community channel TV 3's re-broadcast of the May 14th School Board meeting? Unless you went to the meeting, you probably don't realize that the public comments on non-agenda items at the end of the meeting was removed. Due to TV-3's editing and censoring practices, the public did not have an opportunity to hear or see, Alyson Millsaps, Food Services Supervisor speak about a Summer Food Program that feeds children.


The Summer Food Program is a wonderful opportunity to help hungry children and parents who suffer in a poor economy!


Ms. Millsaps stood and announced that she had sent an email about a Summer Food Program that would feed children 18-years and under.  No questions are asked and no forms are required, the school staff simply takes a count of the number of meals served. People can actually show up at the school. Families are struggling because of the poor economy and this is a way to help out.


This is the second year of the Summer Food Program, which is sponsored by the East Tennessee Human Resource Agency and Department of Human Resources in the East Tennessee counties this summer. The program is also part of United States Department of Agriculture, USDA Food and Nutrition Service Program.


Meals are prepared at Loudon High School but it has the potential of being sent elsewhere, she explained. Ms. Millsaps mentioned that they serve summer camps, sports camps and vacation bible schools. Meals are allowed to go off site but an hour long training is required. She gave an example, �If someone wanted to make the oak tree a feeding site, and there was an adult there to supervise the outdoor meals to youth, we could do that.�


School Board member Lisa Russell inquired about who Millsaps sent emails to about the Summer Food Program? Millsap responded that she sent emails to a list serve informing them about the summer food program. Russell mentioned that she had a large email list too and asked if it was ok to send it to them and Millsap said yes. Greenback children are also eligible to participate in the summer food program. For more information about the summer food program please contact: Alyson Millsaps - Food Services Supervisor, Loudon County Schools Work:  865- 458-5411, ext. 110; Fax:  865- 458-6498.


There is something seriously wrong when a community TV channel edits out comments that  could help feed hungry children and our public officials sit idly by and say nothing about this practice of censorship!


On Thursday's, June 4th School Board workshop meeting, a discussion about TV-3's editing policy will be deferred, again - Policy for Airing School Board meetings.


III.            LCTV3 Air Policy To Be Deferred � Lisa Russell



The day after the April 16 LCTV-3 Advisory Committee meeting, Station manager Jim Fella sent a letter (below) to local government officials. In Fella's letter he wrote, "I contacted you, your administrative assistant, or someone in your office, On Wednesday about the LCTV-3 recording policy. Those contacted, indicated that they had no problem with the policy but would discuss with you... I wanted to provide you with a heads up on this matter." 


School Board member Lisa Russell brought up the subject of TV-3's Policy for Airing School Board Meetings, at the Philadelphia.  When this matter was discussed at a School Board workshop meeting, Director Wayne Honeycutt,  and office staff why is Jim Fella editing anything? Honeycutt and  told shook their heads in a no motion


VIDEO CLIP - At the when they were asked if they spoke to Fella about this matter.



Jim Fella Letter to government officials.