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Industry Report


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Loudon County Air Quality Task Force









October 28, 2009

Loudon County Courthouse Annex

3:30 pm




Visitor comments will be received after each major agenda item.



Loudon County Air Quality Task Force Minutes



Meeting called to order at 3:30pm


Gerry Schlueter served as secretary for the meeting.


Roll Call - Mike Crosby


Present: Sherry Lees, Bryan Crawford, Dennis Brennan, Mike Crosby, Mike Slimbarski, and Gerry Schlueter.


Apsent: Don Miller, David Meers, Bud Guider.


Reviewed Minutes August 26, 2009. Mike Slimbarski moved to accept, Sherry Lee seconded, motion passed.


Citizens Comments on non-agenda items:


Rick Dover reported that he has had a coating of sooty, tar like material on buildings on the Loudon River front. Seems to have started about 9 months ago, and it will not easily wash off. He has had to paint his properties 3 times since building them. He has already had air pollution control out and they took samples to help determine what the material is. They said they will have something for Rick in 6 weeks. Mike Crosby agreed that was the right way to handle it.


Monitor Results - Mike Crosby/Mike Slimbarski


Mike Slimbarski gave a report on his wing row modeling on readings above 0.4 on the acrolein. There were no results that stood out, otherwise meaning it is not coming from a point source. There were higher readings coming from the school monitor on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays. He did find that if there was a wind from the North-East, the results were higher 80% of the time.


There was a short discussion on what is North-East of Loudon that may effect this. Mike Crosby agreed to research data on pollution from truck stops as there are several of these North-East of Loudon.


Reviewed Graphical Data - Mike Crosby


We reviewed the graphical data from acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and acrolein. Mike talked about his discussion with Kelly Rimer and his phone call with EPA on 9/22. Still appears they do not know what to do to help us resolve this acrolein issue.


Mike Crosby feels we should continue to ask TDEC to do more modeling to help us determine the source of this acrolein. He also thinks we should do a presentation for the County on our findings by the end of this year. The group agreed.


We are still trying to get a member from the City of Loudon on this task force.


Byann Crawford reported some activity around their boilers at Kimberly- Clark. They are ready to review some higher particulate issues. Running their boiler at a reduced rate to comply with regulations still. They are also setting new parameters to test for that may give better control.


Gerry Schlueter reported that Tate & Lyle has done testing on their Feed House and boiler stacks and still is not in full compliance with new title 5 requirements, but also still is not at anticipated production rates. Will give more information as they continue through the optimization of the plant.


Motion to adjourn made by Sherry, seconded by Bryan....motion passed.


Note: Radon Testing Kits are available on September 29th @ 7pm @ Greenback Community Center, free.