Lenoir City Civil Service Board meets

Ron Colquitt (l) and Bill Ghormley (r)

Continuance granted for Brad Chambers

Next Hearing set for March 24th


The Lenoir City Civil Service Board meeting was called to order in the Small Meeting Room at Lenoir City Hall at approximately 7:00 PM. In attendance were Board members Ron Colquitt and Bill Ghormley. According to the prepared agenda, William (Bill) Ghormley serves as Secretary. Three people were present: two Board members and myself.

Four items were listed on the Lenoir Civil Service Board Agenda

1. Call to order.

2. Roll Call.

3. Election of Member At Large.

4. Hearing for Brad Chambers request for continuance.

Next on the agenda was the election of Member At Large. Bill Ghormley nominated Maurice Rogers to serve as the Member At Large, his motion was seconded by Colquitt, which was unanimously approved. Rogers was not present. The Civil Service board is comprised of three members; one member is nominated by Lenoir City Council, one is nominated by the city employees, and one At-Large member is selected by Board members.

Agenda item 4 “Hearing for Brad Chambers request for continuance.” Chambers was not present but the Board spoke that the maximum time for a continuance is 45 days based on civil service rules.

The hearing for Brad Chamber is rescheduled for March 24, 2011. The Board agreed to notify Brad Chambers, Lenoir City staff, and others.

Ron Colquitt brought up that he would prefer that witnesses be sworn in individually rather than all at one time. That’s how he would like to conduct business from now on. Ghormley agreed.

No details were discussed about Brad Chambers termination.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:06 PM.

NOTE: If you drove past Lenoir City Hall to attend the Civil Service Board Meeting on Thursday, you probably noticed that the main meeting room was pitch dark. The meeting was held in the small meeting room located in the back area of City Hall. Brad Chambers, his attorney, and Lenoir City Attorney Scott were not in attendance when the continuance was granted by the two members of the Lenoir City Civil Service Board.  


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At the November 22, 2011 Lenoir City Council meeting, Council members, Mayor Tony Aikens, and City Attorney Scott went into Executive Session. Afterwards, the City Attorney informed the public about the reasons for the Executive Session including a possible civil service matter, and in the event the matter went beyond a civil service issue how Mayor Aikens would withdraw from consideration. At the time, the city employee was not identified but we now know the name of the former Lenoir City employee.


Lenoir City Attorney Scott (l), Lenoir City Administrator Dale Hurst (m), Lenoir City Mayor Tony Aikens (R)