Loudon City

Hacking Old Blue


 Young students decorated Old Blue                  Loudon City Hacking Old Blue, Limb by Limb

 Limb by Limb!

By: Pat Hunter

April 13, 2009

Loudon City is in the middle of a revitalization and Greenway Project and Loudon City Fathers and business leaders are hoping that consumers will flock back to the downtown business district. While old buildings are being restored and revitalized, Loudon City officials move forward with plans for a new fountain and low growing plants to replace Old Blue. Old Blue is located in the downtown historic square. For years and years, the Old Blue Spruce has been decorated by children and enjoyed by tourists, travelers and home town residents but that has made no difference to Loudon City officials or the Loudon County Economic Development Agency Board. The EDA has worked fastidiously to obtain state grants for the revitalization projects and the Old Blue Spruce is now being hacked away, limb by limb. Is this Progress, not hardly?






In the Way of Progress!