Annex, Loudon


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


5:30 PM



1. Call to order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll call

4. Approval of minutes for the October 20, 2009 meeting

5. Planned agenda items


A. Request consideration of approval for revised final plat for Jackson Crossing town homes development Phase I, consisting of 26 lots located off HWY 70 East, Tax Map 10K, Group C, Parcel 1.01, Zoned R-1/ PUD, (Suburban Residential District) with Planned Unit Development Overlay at 3.0 units per acre, 5th Legislative District. Owner: Blue Ridge Development


B. Discuss expansion of Loudon County Authority to remedy the “growth of trees , vines, grass, underbrush, or the accumulation of debris, trash, litter, garbage, or any combination of the preceding elements, or a vacant dilapidated building or structure” for owner-occupied residences through Section 4.140 of the Loudon County Zoning Resolution. Current state law limits the county’s authority to non-owner occupied properties.


6. Planning and Codes Department Building Activity Report: 34 permits issued for the month of October with an estimated value of $10,757,787.00 and fees of $28,479.00


7. County Commission Action on Planning Commission recommendations:


a. Amendments to Section 4.140 Litter, Refuse, Garbage… of the Loudon County Zoning Resolution- Approved



8. Additional public comments.


9. Adjournment










November 17, 2009




1.  Call to order


2.  Roll call


3.  Approval of minutes for the October 20, 2009 meeting


4.  Planned agenda items:



a.      Request consideration of a variance to reconstruct a non-conforming structure at 2370 Lakeland Drive. Referenced by: Tax Map 22G, Group A, Parcel 4.00, Zoned A-2, (Rural Residential District), 6th Legislative District. The structure is non-conforming because it is the second dwelling on same parcel. Owner: Richard Powell


b.     Request consideration of a variance to allow expansion of non-conforming use at 381 Williams Ferry Road. Referenced by: Tax Map 10H, Group A, Parcel 29.00; Zoned C-2 (General Commercial District) 5th Legislative District. Owner Jesse Neal

5.  Additional public comments

6.  Announcements and/or comments from Board/Commission

7.  Adjournment