Loudon County LCTV-3 shares future plans & cost

public meetings possible on the www

By: Pat Hunter

Loudon County TV-3 (community tv) manager Jim Fella was first on the Oct. 19 Loudon County Budget Committee agenda - "Consideration of request for funding for 2010-2011- Jim Fella, LCTV-3.  Present at Monday's Budget Committee meeting was Mayor Doyle Arp, budget chair and commissioners Don Miller and David Meers. Absent was Commissioner Chris Park. Commissioner Harold Duff arrived late and was not present to hear Jim Fella's comments.

Jim came and I'm sure he's talked to Don, said Mayor Doyle Arp. Commissioner Don Miller was quick to say, no he hasn't. They want to get our blessings and guidance before they do too much, explained Mayor Arp. This will actually be in next year's budget.   

Jim Fella came to speak about a project, video on demand capabilities and related funding for next year's budget. Fella wanted feedback from the Budget Committee about these future plans. LCTV-3 committee is considering a new program. The present server would be used with a modification and the cost would be covered by LCTV-3 capital reserve. The subscription service would cost $3,000 annually to air public meetings and special events on the world wide web. The county's share of LCTV-3s operating cost would increase $2,000.  According to a letter from LCTV-3 to Mayor Arp, if approved, LCTV-3 would plan to initiate this service in July 2010.  

Two-thirds of revenues are generated from the county. This will enable non-charter subscribers to view public meetings on the internet at any time. The proposed service will reach areas like Greenback (Comcast area) or patrons that have dish service.  Presently, only Charter patrons can view public meetings or special programs on TV-3 but with the proposed program, people with computers will be able to view the meetings.

Fella also mentioned that TV-3's budget requests has decreased from $18,000 to $9,000.  If we don't use our money we don't use up our monies, commented Fella. Reserves are used for future budgets.

Fella informed the Budget Committee that the budget was tight and we reduced our budget by $5,000 but next year we will be looking at a budget request of $12,000 -$14,000 even if we do not do video on demand.

Is this like streaming videos asked Commissioner Miller. Someone could access the videos on LCTV-3. Something similar to Knoxville.

This would mean more accessibility to county residents who do not have Charter service. This would apply to all videos and special videos like the spelling bee. This is an early heads up. Fella was not asking for money at this time but he wanted to apprise the Budget Committee of future plans. This would be another way of communicating with people.

The Budget Committee thanked Fella. Fella will report back to the LCTV-3 advisory committee. The LCTV-3 committee is presently working on guidelines for the new program.

At a LCTV-3 advisory committee meeting about 2-months back, Jim Fella commented how he had met with Mayor Doyle Arp to speak to him. 

The LCTV-3 advisory committee is comprised of Jim Fella (Tellico Village resident), Becky Boyd (former Tellico Village POA employee), Bonnie Ledbetter (Lenoir City Schools), Lynn Mills (Loudon City mgr.), Chris Smallen (Loudon County Schools) and Jane Whitaker (Lenoir City Schools) and Gordon Harless (Loudon County employee).