Line in the Sand




Rendering of GS Shoppe


Rezoning Issues - Quality of Life vs. Philanthropy

By: Pat Hunter

September 7, 2008


The line in the sand has been drawn; on one side you have citizens that reside in the Highland Hills subdivision located off Avery Circle and Leeper Parkway who are concerned about quality of life issues. And on the other side, are well meaning Tellico Villagers of the Good Samaritan Shoppe wishing to expand their charity with a new facility. In these hard economic times charities are playing a vital role for people that are falling between the cracks and while that is a concern so are quality of life issues.


Good Samaritan Board members spoke about their generosity to the community with hundreds of thousands of dollars and charity work for the needy.  The Good Samaritan Board felt that they would not impact traffic because of their store hours.


A Public Hearing will be held at 6:00 P.M. at the Annex on Monday, Sept. 8th to hear comments from citizens. Commissioners will consider rezoning 1.3 Acres est. of property located at Leeper Parkway and Avery Drive from R-1, Suburban Residential District to C-2 General Commercial. The property is owned by Kent Sanderson.


The Tellico Villagers with the Good Samaritan Shoppe want the property rezoned while the neighbors in the subdivision next door fear that will open the flood gate to all sorts of commercial ventures, which are allowed under those zoning regulations below. But if for some reason the Good Samaritan sold the property to someone then the new owner could use the property for other C-2 purposes; see rezoning list below.

Beverly Moser has represented the residents of Highland Hills with their concerns and issues. There was also some talk about deed restrictions but the outcome is unknown.  


Commissioner Don Miller will represent the Village but expect Commissioners Earlena Maples and new Commissioner Austin Shaver to weigh in with their concerns about their constituents!     




SOURCE: Loudon County Regional Planning Zoning Ordinance


General Description The C-2, General Commercial district is a general commercial and business district located at specific sites customarily along certain arterials and major collector roads with adequate utilities on property physically suitable for such uses and where business uses shall not conflict with adjacent residential and agriculture uses of land. Special emphasis is placed on the physical design of such developments in order to promote the unique scale and character of the community and to protect and enrich the unique qualities of these uses to insure compatibility with the community.


2. Permitted uses. The expanding nature of commercial and business uses prevents identifying all permitted uses which would customarily be located in the district. The following uses and their accessory uses, in addition to being permitted, shall guide other uses not specifically identified which are of a similar nature.






Convenience stores


Churches and Places of Worship


Educational Facilities


Professional services


Lodging & restaurants


Repair services except vehicle or equipment repair


Wholesale business


Automotive & marine sales


Agriculture related sales


Nursery and garden sales


Day Care Centers


Funeral Homes


Medical Facilities


Financial services


Veterinary services


3. Uses Permitted as a Special Exception

The following uses and their related accessory uses may be permitted as a special exception. The decision to allow such uses will depend on the infrastructure necessary to accommodate such uses within the area and compatibility of adjacent uses and zones. In approving such uses the Board may impose reasonable conditions and restrictions in addition to the requirements established in this resolution to insure the health, safety, general welfare and physical appearance of the community.


Mobile homes sales lots




Automotive repair services (body and engine repair)


Storage Warehouse (except industrial storage)


Transfer or storage terminal


Trucking terminals


Wrecker Services


Amusement facilities


Stadiums and Coliseums


Implement and machinery sales and services