Loudon County Ranks 9th

Top 10 Counties by personal and family economic well-being

By: Pat Hunter

September 15, 2008

The economic crunch is getting worse by the day, fuel spikes at the pump, soaring grocery prices, and escalating utility bills. Itís hard to understand the greed of county officials when the county  had over $6 Million est. in reserves last year and over $5 Million, unaudited fund balance, this year.

The state just released some economic news of all ninety five counties. This includes county rankings of personal and family well being and little Loudon County ranks 9th statewide. This newly released Report reinforces Loudon Countyís good economic health while commissioners have a healthy tax base and plenty to spend without first raising property taxes.

Many years ago, I was told by a Knoxville official to check tax revenues and property assessment stats because "Loudon County was a wealthy little county" because of its property assessments and personal wealth and the stats still hold true. Our politicians are well aware of these facts and they continue to tax and spend!  

Click to view the entire TACIR Report in pdf

Both rankings were compiled by the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR) by using a combination of data. TACIR is a state government's research agency. The information was released in August 2008 and reflects county-by-county economic index last week and the personal and family economic index in May.


Top counties by overall economic activity and their index:

1. Williamson, 8.7

2. Davidson, 8.7

3. Sevier, 8.5

4. Anderson, 7.1

5. Hamilton, 6.9

6. Madison, 6.9

7. Hamblen, 6.8

8. Washington, 6.8

9. Knox, 6.6

10. Sullivan, 6.5

11. Shelby, 6.3

Statewide average: 6.1

Top counties by personal and family economic well-being

1. Williamson, 10.0

2. Wilson, 7.7

3. Davidson, 7.1

4. Sumner, 7.0

5. Rutherford, 7.0

6. Robertson, 6.6

7. Cheatham, 6.5

8. Hamilton, 6.5

9. Loudon, 6.4

10. Maury, 6.4

11. Shelby, 6.4

Statewide average: 6.1

Source: TACIR - Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations