Loudon City Council ok's

Centre 75 Land for Liquor Store


By: Pat Hunter

March 26, 2009

Loudon City Council held a Special Called meeting on March 25, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. The meeting was sparsely attended and lasted less than six minutes from beginning to end. Attorney Loren E. Plemmons was in attendance to hear Loudon City Council vote to approve the sale of land. She last came before Loudon City Council when she represented businessman John James, 72 Wine & Spirits, LLC, when James was awarded one of two certificates of compliance for a liquor store.  The other certificate was awarded to Loudon businessman James Purdy.

There was little public discussion amongst Council. Mayor Swiney read the stated the purpose of the called meeting. A motion was made by Councilman Lewis "Charlie Brown" Garner and seconded by Mike Cartright. Voting Aye: Gene Lambert, Lynn Milsaps, Lewis Garner, Mike Cartright and Mayor Bernie "Inky" Swiney.  Loudon City Council and Mayor unanimously approved a Resolution concerning the sale of .63 tract of land in Centre 75 to J & L Properties.

Loudon City Manager Lynn Mills explained that the purpose of the Resolution was to authorize the Loudon County Economic Development Agency (EDA) to sell the tract of land located in Centre 75 Business Park land to  J & L Properties. EDA Director Pat Phillips will be notified about Loudon City's vote so he can proceed with the land sale. Phillips was discussed at length at other public meetings for his lack of cooperation regarding the sale of this land when John James purportedly went to him to try to buy the property and Phillips refused to cooperate.

Mills spoke about Loudon County and Loudon City being partners of the Centre 75 Business Park and Loudon County Commissioners having approved the necessary paperwork at the last commission meeting, which helped pave the way for the land sale for a future liquor store.

Attorney Loren Plemons