Front R- - CPC Committee Commissioners: Harold Duff, Rosemary Hines Quillen, & Bryan Jenkins

Front L: Joan Lovelace, Purchasing Director & County Mayor Estelle Herron    


The Capital Projects Committee (CPC) held a special called meeting on April 15th at 1:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and approve recommendations to the FY 14-15 5-year Capital Project Needs Budget. The CPC is comprised of: Chair Steve Harrelson (D-6), Rosemary Hines Quillen (D-2), Harold Duff (D-5), Brian Jenkins (D-1), and Joan Lovelace (Purchasing Director). County Mayor Estelle Herron (ex-officio member) also attended, along with two citizens.

The Capital Projects Committee heard requests from the following county departments: Animal Shelter $5,300 security cameras; Homeland Security EMA - Ford F-550 $85,000, Expedition $55,000, Portable Fire Pump for Boat $10,985; County Clerk - Rolling Window $2,000; Sheriff - vehicles and in- cameras $ 237,000; Trustee's Office - Counter Tops and Floor $9,000; IT - Server replacement/software $37,000; Highway Dept. - Small trucks $75,000, Misc. Equipment $100,000, paving $800,000, dump trucks 40,000; Convenience Centers, County Office Building, Maintenance dept., and the Loudon County Board of Education. As a side note, no time was allocated on the agenda and schedule to hear from Director Vance or BOE members concerning the BOE�s Capital Needs, which was sent back to the BOE for �tweaking.� The Committee's revised list and dollar amounts, and recommendations will be forwarded to the Loudon County Budget Committee for their review.


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Toward the end of the two and one half (2 �) hour meeting, the Committee discussion took a strange twist when two matters cropped up, the Board of Education's move from the County Office Building; and candidates running in the May 6th Primary Election race.

As Committee members sat in the Board of Education Boardroom, Commissioner Harold Duff asked, this isn�t the time or the place but what about the move; has that hit a road-block and stopped? 

Yeah, they are waiting until after the election Mayor Herron responded.

Purchasing Director Joan Lovelace spoke about having contracts ($800,000 - LCTC roof/office renovations) sitting on her desk waiting to be signed.

They are hoping that I get beat. They�re hoping that some on County Commission gets beat... Mayor Estelle Herron commented.

You have a Resolution in place for July 1; we�ll know on May 6th if someone is going to enforce it or not commented Joan Lovelace. 

As the Mayor munched on her chocolates she pointed her finger. And I promise you if they�re not moving and if I get elected, I will go. I will go to the Sheriff and get me an eviction notice. �I promise you� commented Mayor Herron.

Do we know how Bradshaw feels about it asked Commissioner Rosemary Hines Quillen?

Well, he�s on their side replied Mayor Herron. Yep Commissioner Brian Jenkins added.

I am sorry that I asked that question replied Commissioner Harold Duff.


Promises, Promises

Elections bring politicians with promises but this one takes the cake!

Only time will tell if voters will re-elect Mayor Estelle Herron or whether she will follow through with her promise to get an eviction notice and toss out the Board of Education from the County Office Building.

In 2013, Mayor Herron requested and Commission approved a $300,000 addition (1,100 sq. ft. est.) to the County Office Building. Taxpayer money was spent on a roof and renovation study. At the request of Mayor Herron, Commission approved a Resolution to allocate space at the County Office Building, and inform the BOE to move out, by July 1. The BOE's request was for roof repairs at the Tech Center. At the Jan. 13, 2014 Commission meeting, the BOE informed the County Commission that the BOE didn't wish to move, or spend taxpayer money on administrative offices at the Tech Center.

How about some promises that benefit the citizens such as a Property Tax Freeze for Seniors, or a community center for citizens, families, and civic groups? Click: Broken Promises to Loudon County Voters

How about promises to improve transparency, abide by the Open Records law, and keeping the public informed?

Voters must decide the direction of county government for the next four years; please exercise your right to vote.



Old Loudon Middle School / Loudon Elementary School built in 1955 (marble plaque) sits in lobby of the Loudon County Office Building.