Public Hearing -

Loudon County Budget Committee Meeting

June 22, 2011 (Wednesday)

6:00 PM, Courthouse Annex, Loudon

As per State Law T.C.A. 5-12-108, the Loudon County Budget Committee will hold a Public Hearing at which time any citizen of the county shall have the right to appear and state such views on the fiscal budget (FY-11-12).

The Budget Committee is comprised of Budget Chair Mayor Herron, and Commissioners Yarbrough, Miller, Franke, and Shaver.

The Budget Committee is recommending a 20 cent property tax hike, which will increase from $1.5869 to $1.7869 per $100 of assessed property value. But, if the majority of commissioners vote to tack on more spending, this will lead to a higher property tax hike.

How will this proposed tax hike impact your budget during this economic recession?  

Without your help, Loudon County property owners face a big tax hike for spending and proposed new long term debt. Please voice your concerns NOW--before Commissioners raise your next year's property taxes.





 Special Called Commission Meeting


 June 30, 2011 (Thursday)

 6:00 P.M. Courthouse Annex, Loudon

Loudon County Commission is scheduled to meet and adopt the proposed FY 11-12 budget, and set the property tax rate.

A 20 cent tax hike is proposed, which will bring the rate from $1.5869 to $1.7869 per $100 assessed property value.

But, if the majority of commissioners vote to tack on more spending, this will lead to a higher property tax hike.

Please share the meeting dates and proposed 20 cent tax hike news with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

E-mails are good to send, but phone calls are even better--leaving a voice mail is the usual way commissioners hear from you if you call them--they do pay attention to your messages. A brief statement on voice mail is good--"NO new property taxes," and give your name to identify that you are a property owner in their district. EVERY contact they get makes a huge difference in their decision making. Thanks for your help in a matter of great importance to us all.


Mayor veto power vote & Commissioners who will vote YES or NO to increase your taxes

County Mayor, Budget Chairperson Estelle Herron - The Mayor has veto power on Commission's proposed tax hike.

The Budget Chair presides over budget committee meetings and may make motions, seconds, and vote to make further cuts to the budget.

Phone 458-4664, E-mail:

Austin Shaver (D-2, Seat B- Budget Committee, Phone 816-3298, Email:  

Bob Franke (D-3- Budget Committee) Phone: 856-0303, Email: 

Sharon Yarbrough (D-5, Seat B-Budget Committee) Phone: 988-7772,  Email:

Don Miller (D-7- Budget Committee) Phone: 458-0658, Email:

Brian Jenkins (D-1, Seat A), Phone: 865-660-6074 Email:

David Meers (D-1, Seat B), Phone: 458-2414 Email: 

Earlena Maples (D-2, Seat A), Phone: 986-6772 Email: 

Roy H. Bledsoe (D- 4), Commission Chairman, Phone: 458-2829   

Harold Duff (D-5, Seat A) Phone: 988-6647 Email: 

Steve Harrelson (D- 6) Phone: 986-5211 EMAIL: