Family Liaison to Change Name "Intervention Specialist"


What’s in a Name; Plum Job or a Good Thing?


By: Pat Hunter

August 17, 2008


The matter of the Family Liaison was discussed at Monday’s Aug. 11th School Board workshop meeting. Ms. Kim McGimsey requested School Board input concerning a proposal to change the name of the Family Liaisons. Ms. McGimsey is the Instructional Support Supervisor. 


Ms. McGimsey shared some information, “We thought about that and people had so many questions about that.” She didn’t identify who “we” were but McGimsey was under the impression that “people were thinking that a Family Service Liaison was a WALMART greeter and they do so much more than that.”


That was a strange comment, I thought. Everyone seems to know who and what the WALMART greeter says and does unlike the Family Liaisons.  


The “we’s” decided that another name was more appropriate for the Family Service Liaison and the proposed new name will be the “intervention specialist” because that is what they do, she said. Ms. McGimsey mentioned that their job description would not change and family engagement and “gathering the data and make sure intervention is working.” She concluded that the School Board consider changing the name so people would understand more about what they are doing. The School Board followed through at Thursday’s School Board meeting voting to change the name.


These positions are half time positions and employees are paid for 100 days of work. There are nine positions, one at each school. The pay range for last year's FY 07-08 started at $21,995 to $28,375.


The new School Board will deal with future budget requests including funding for the Family Liaisons, oops I meant to say the “Intervention Specialist.”  The positions of Family Liaisons have been at the heart of controversy and there was discussion to eliminate the jobs altogether. Are these plum jobs; who knows?