Planner Newman Bailout


Saved by the Bell - Maybe?

By: Pat Hunter

February 11, 2009










No doubt, you've heard all about the taxpayer financed Wall Street Bailout and Auto Makers Bailout and in weeks to come, you'll hear all about the taxpayer Stimulus Bill. And on the local level you'll read all sorts of interesting tid bits about the Russ Newman - Planning Bailout.

At the Dec. 8, 2008, Lenoir City Council meeting, Council voted to end planning services effect July 1, 2009, with the Loudon County Office of Planning and Development and to hire an assistant for Leslie Johnson, Lenoir City Codes Enforcement Officer-Planner.  

Coincidently on the very same day, Loudon County Mayor Doyle Arp (l) wrote a Dear Matt (r) letter requesting a partial payment from Lenoir City since planner Russ Newman's planning department would run out of funds by the end of January 2009 without an infusion of money. Lenoir City's portion of the planning budget would be about $21,200, which is due on or about June 30, 2009.

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Planner Newman may sigh a breath of relief for the time being because Loudon County received a check from Lenoir City! It seems like Lenoir City Council had a change of heart and a check was written on January 21, 2009 and sent to Loudon County.      

There were some interesting developments while Mayor Matt and Mayor Arp were in Washington, DC, with about 11 other VIPS. It seems like Lenoir City Vice-Mayor Eddie Simpson and Lenoir City Council took decisive action at Monday's (Feb. 9th) council meeting to counteract the recent actions of Loudon County Commission. 

Acting on the request of Martin Brown, Commission voted unanimously on a Resolution requesting a Private Act from state lawmakers so Loudon County could review plats, plots, roads, etc. within the Urban Growth Boundary area of Lenoir City that are not in the city limits.

Now, State Senator Randy McNally and Representative Jimmy Matlock and Representative Dennis Ferguson, find themselves smack in the middle of a tug of war, with each government entity sending Resolutions with their respective requests for legislation from the three state officials.