No Committees for Tate

Chairman Jumped the Gun

By: Pat Hunter

October 19, 2008


New Chairman Leroy Tate jumped the gun when he thought that he would establish committees without first seeking the School Board’s input, as per current School Board policy. At the last workshop meeting, which was held on September 25th, he announced that he would form several committees and he distributed a list of committees, names and chair for each committee. 


But at Thursday’s October 16th School Board meeting, Chairman Tate requested Board approval to the various committees, which he originally proposed. Tate announced one change, after the last meeting he said that Russell came to him and requested to be added to the maintenance committee. Tate asked for discussion. Russell said that she had discussion about the committees. Shaver said that a motion was technically needed before further discussion. A motion was made by Larry Proaps to accept the committees list, which was seconded by Scotty Newman.


The School Board then entered into a discussion about accepting the various committees list of Tate’s proposal. School Board member (D-3) Lisa Russell said that she had questions about the committees. According to the current policy, committees were only supposed to be formed by the recommendation of the Board and she did not recall anyone on the Board making a recommendation on any of the committees to be formed. And she was under the impression that the School Board was not to act with standing committees, Russell added. She felt that all Board members should openly discuss and to know all the information and to make decisions and to work as a team for the betterment of our children’s education. 


School Board member (D-7) Craig Simon said that he agreed with Russell and he could see himself going to nine different meetings each month. If committee makes a recommendation and then an issue is brought back to the Board and someone objected to the committee’s recommendation, it would then have to go back to a committee again for further work.


Chairman Tate said that it was hard to get a consensus with 10 different members and that he had confidence in the committees to do research and to iron out details and he gave an example. School Board member (D-6) Steve Harrelson was happy with the workshop format, which was used in the last year. He felt that the School Board should have confidence with the School Director and his staff to bring back recommendations to the Board and he thought that information could be brought back to workshops for discussion. A roll call vote was then taken and the motion failed with a 4 yes and 6 no vote. Yes votes: Scotty Newman, Leroy Tate, Larry Proaps and Bill Marcus. No votes: Van Shaver, Steve Harrelson, Bobby Johnson, Jr., Lisa Russell, Gary Ubben and Craig Simon. Chairman Tate did not get approval to his proposed committees. The School Board will meet as an entire Board at future meetings. 


Loudon County Board of Education Policy


Board Committees


The Board shall operate without standing committees, except for the Executive Committee; however,

special committees composed of board members may be appointed by the chairman at the direction of the

Board and as the needs of the Board shall require.1 Such committees shall be discharged when the work

is finished or earlier by a majority vote of the entire Board. All reports by special committees shall be

made directly to the Board.

1. A special committee serving in an advisory capacity shall ordinarily consist of less than a quorum

of board members;

2. The committee will be advisory only;

3. A committee shall serve no longer than the annual organization meeting of the Board unless

reappointed to finish a designated task; and

4. Committee meetings shall be held in accordance with the Open Meetings law.2

____________________ __________________

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1. TCA 49-2-205(2) School Board Meetings 1.400

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Review: Annually,

in September

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