Director Evaluation Committee Fails to Meet

Public Waits- Bill Marcus a No Show- Action Postponed 

By: Pat Hunter

July 20, 2009

A meeting of the Director Evaluation Committee was scheduled to meet at 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, July 9, prior to the 7:00 PM regular school board meeting. The Committee was to meet to discuss the school director's evaluations and make a recommendation to the entire school board. Director Honeycutt has asked to add another year to his 3-year contract.

School Director Wayne Honeycutt, his administrative assistant and Director Evaluation Committee members Professor Gary Ubben and Steve Harrelson and the public was present for Thursday's Committee meeting however, Committee member Bill Marcus didn't bother to show up while the group waited on him. School board member Bill Marcus was overheard telling another committee member how he forgot all about the scheduled meeting and he asked something about why didn't you remind me the day before. Ironically, an email was sent the previous day by the school director's administrative assistant reminding all school board members and people on the email thread about the committee meeting. 

Action has been postponed until next month. The Director Evaluation Committee has yet to meet publicly to discuss the director's evaluation and employment contract; why is that?  


NOTE: Excerpt from Employment Contract between the Loudon County Board of Education and School Director Wayne Honeycutt


Annually, but no later than March 1 each calendar year during the term of this Contract, the Board of Education shall review with Director the Director's performance as Director of Loudon County School District; Director's progress toward goals established by the Board of Education and the Director; the working relationships of Director with the Board of Education, the staff, the students and the community at large; and any other matters relative to the employment of Director. The first evaluation will occur after six months of employment and thereafter, annually.

Within 3 months of the Director assuming office, the Director and the Board, shall adopt a mutually agreed upon instrument to evaluate the Director.  Using such instrument, the Board shall evaluate annually the Director.  Such evaluation must be completed at least four (4) months before the end of each fiscal year.  The Board shall devote at least a portion of a scheduled Board meeting to conduct the Director’s evaluation and discuss the working relationship between the Director and the Board.  The Board shall provide evaluative feedback and establish performance criteria which can be used constructively by the Director during the subsequent year.