Old Blue Christmas Tree UPDATE



Loudon City's Greenway Project - Fate of Old Blue.

Old Blue to be Axed!


By: Pat Hunter

September 15, 2008


At the last EDA meeting, a very brief update was given about Loudon City’s Greenway and Fountain projects.


Things are moving along and bids will be opened on September 18th (Thursday) and construction is set to start on November 1st.


Just Imagine the chain saws and the buzz in downtown historic Loudon to ax Old Blue Christmas Tree, just in time for Christmas, bah humbug.


Old Blue Christmas Tree is located far from the fountain and there is no reason to disturb or cut the tree down.


There is a rumor running rampant that a business (s) wants Old Blue Christmas Tree axed for no other reason but that it blocks the view of the business! 


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