Loudon City's Greenway Project  Axing Old Blue - Part ll


Old Blue's Fate - Mulch Pile?

The Tree that Gave

Axing Ole Blue - In the Way of Progress! 

By Pat Hunter 

Many years ago, a small Blue Spruce tree was planted in Loudon City's Historic Town Square. As the Christmas Tree grew, the children from neighboring schools would visit and grace the Christmas Tree with school made ornaments. No Christmas was complete unless Old Blue was decked out with festive bright ornaments. Each year, children and adults enjoyed the tradition and looked forward to the yearly event.

One day, city officials and business people spoke about revitalizing the historic town. This included repairing the old fountain area and sprucing up the dingy neglected downtown area. Although the Old Blue Spruce is far away from the fountain, one thing led to another. Before long, plans were underway for a Greenbelt Project, which included doing away with the Ole Blue, Christmas Tree.

The Greenway Project includes plans to build a new water fountain, adding a new pump filtration, benches and doing away with Old Blue, the Greenest part of the Greenway Project.

The Christmas Tree that gave so much pleasure to children and adults will be soon be replaced with low growing greenery so as not to block the view of businesses.   

Loudon City is in the midst of a transformation, blending new with old. Moving ahead with major facelifts to the City of Loudon shouldn't mean the demise of Old Blue. Old Blue's fate should not be chainsaws and a ruble of mulch pile, all in the name of Progress!