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Partisan Politics Constitutional Officers Elected

Jan. 15, 2009 


By: Pat Hunter


Thursday's vote brought no surprises. The vote went along party lines and the Tennessee House and Senate elected three Republicans to all three constitutional offices replacing three long time Democrats.


Nashville tax attorney Justin Wilson was elected state comptroller and he replaces John Morgan.


Former representative Tre Hargett was elected as the new secretary of state and Hargett replaces Riley Darnell.


Shelby County Commission Chairman David Lillard, Jr., was elected as state treasurer replacing Dale Sims.


According to The Nashville Tennessean, " Both Wilson and Lillard were elected 69-62 on straight party line votes. Hargett received one Democratic vote, from Rep. Dennis Ferguson, of Harriman, giving him a 70-61 margin." Kent Williams, new House Speaker from Carter County, voted for all three Republican candidates.

In other state news, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey appointed Senator Jamie Woodson from Knoxville as Senate speaker pro tempore. All senate committees will be controlled by Republicans.