Pancho Villa Uprising!






Commissioners to tackle stamping out noise;

What's next, DB Cops to measure noise levels?  


By: Pat Hunter

August 18, 2008


During the public comment period of Monday’s (Aug. 18th) commission workshop meeting, Mr. Art Fensod introduced himself and his neighbors. He didn’t wish to waste the time of commissioners but he had a small problem. Fensod resides on Country Lane in Loudon City but he requested a noise abatement regulation for city and county residents.  


Video clip  He mentioned that there were Spanish people that have moved into the Hwy. 72 area. Last time this year there was a lot of loud music and speakers. When the police are called, they are told that it is a county affair and the county police say that it’s the city’s problem and it goes back and forth. What about Sheriff Tim Guider and Loudon Chief Bear Webb, aren’t they in charge of law enforcement?


Fensod wanted to see some type of noise abatement law after 9:00 P.M. to keep speakers from being up so high. “When we folks have a party, we keep our speakers down,” Fensod commented. But last night it sounded like a “Pancho Villa Uprising” for a better lack of a word. His comments drew chuckles, laughter and stares.


Commissioner David Meers also received a phone call and he contacted the Sheriff’s department to find out the location. Mayor Doyle Arp replied that it was across from Bobby Biven’s house, which is in the county. Arp received a phone call from Fensod about 10:00 P.M. Sunday.


Commissioner Wayne Gardin agreed about the noise issue and he wanted something done about loud fireworks at night in his neighborhood.   


Commissioner Bob Franke inquired about Lenoir City’s noise ordinance and loud boom boxes, 50’ from a car with loud noises.


Commissioners then strayed to the topic of barking dogs. Commissioners tackled creating a noise abatement law to deal with barking dogs about 8-years ago, to no avail; when animal lovers came out of the woodwork.


Commissioner Roy Bledsoe said that he called the Justice Center and he was told that the property was in the county and nothing could be done until after 11:00 P.M.


The trick is writing an ordinance that is enforceable said Commissioner Don Miller; Commissioner Chris Park added, measuring with decibels. Sound levels are measured in decibel (dB) levels; a dB is a unit of measurement of sound intensity.


Commissioner Nancy Marcus wanted to know, how do we address this; Fensod lives in Marcus’s district?


Commissioners spoke about looking into crafting a noise abatement law. And then what's next, will Commissioners then create a new bureaucracy and hire personnel to be the Decibel (dB) Cops to help stamp out loud noise all around the county? As silly as this may sound, don’t commissioners have better things to do with their time rather than inventing ways to spend more-hard earned taxpayer money on lawyers to craft more un-enforced laws?