Looking for new Digs - Pat's Palace


Mayor Doyle Arp's office

By: Pat Hunter

September 15, 2008

If you thought Mayor Doyle Arp's columns were a bit pretentious, you haven't seen anything yet until you see EDA President's Pat Phillips taste for the finer things in life, complimentary of Loudon County taxpayers.

At last month’s Loudon County Economic Development Agency’s (EDA) meeting, Pat Phillips, President, brought up an agenda item “Discussion of Office Relocation.” Phillips was referring to the present EDA office, which is located at the Williamson House at 274 Blairbend Dr.

For years, the EDA has shared office space with the planning office and both shared utilities cost. Since the Williamson House is owned by the City of Loudon, the EDA pays no rent.      

Phillips reportedly spoke to Theresa Ward-Keenan, Chamber President about the possibility of re-locating the EDA office at the depot in Loudon. Keenan was quick to point out that she had not been discussed Phillip’s proposal with the chamber board.

Phillips asked do we want to stay where we are right now or look at other options, to buy. Phillips was promoting the idea of owning something to avoid paying reoccurring expense such as lease payments.

Phillips was concerned about the image of bringing prospects (clients) into the industrial park to the EDA office. Do we make an investment and upgrade the house since it has no access referring to the issue of being ADA handicap accessible? Phillip’s thought the present EDA office was not conducive to good business.

Commissioner Bob Franke, commission’s EDA Board representative suggested using the Visitor Bureau in Lenoir City. He also thought that the Depot was a good fit.

Pat Phillps is a high roller and don’t expect him to spare any expense. He wants to make a good  impression with clients unfortunately it will be at the expense of taxpayers.

It doesn’t cost anything to look at some options, Loudon County Mayor- EDA Chairman, Doyle Arp explained.

First it was Mayor Arp’s ostentatious pillars and next it will be - Pats Palace. 


Mayor Doyle Arp chuckled and commented that he knew of some trailers that Pat Phillips could use as an office and put on wheels so he could move around. That actually sounds like a good idea. If the trailers are good enough for students, it sounds like its good enough for Pat, what do you think?