Philadelphia School plays host to School Board 

By: Pat Hunter

May 10, 2008

The Loudon County Board of Education held their monthly workshop meeting at the Philadelphia School library. This is the third invitation that the School Board has received to visit a school and dine with school personnel. Philadelphia School Principal Mary Hill invited the School Board to dine on bar-b-que and dessert.

The school campus is located in Philadelphia near a creek and it has a beautiful campus and facility. The school received a new roof to address water leak problems, new ceiling tiles and a fresh coat of paint. Funding for a new cafeteria renovation awaits discussion and approval by the Budget Commission and County Commissioners.



The new Jack and Beanstalk equipment was installed near the swings, open space and creek. Jack and the Beanstalk was obtained with a $335,067 Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant, which promotes outdoor fitness with a companion nutrition curriculum. The Jack and the Beanstalk equipment was also installed at other schools within the Loudon County School system.    


The new ball field has been completed and can only be described in one word - beautiful! A dedication was held a few months ago to express thanks to sponsors.

Loudon High School was the first to host a meal and workshop for the Loudon County Board of Education and School Administrators.

On April 2nd, the School Board and public was also invited to the Greenback School to have a meal followed by a workshop meeting in the school library compliments of Principal Joey Breedlove, staff and students. The School Board expressed their thanks for the hospitality each time.