Is Planner headed to Poor House?



Letter from Mayor Doyle Arp (Dec. 8, 2008)


Mayor Arp's makes pitch for funds in Letter


By: Pat Hunter

December 17, 2008


At the Dec. 8th Lenoir City Council meeting, Council voted to end planning services with the Loudon County Office of Planning and Development and to hire an assistant for Leslie Johnson, Lenoir City Codes Enforcement Officer.


Loudon County, Lenoir and Loudon cities entered into an interlocal agreement for planning services and the three government entities fund the planning department. The planning department also generates fees for various planning services but with the poor economy building permits are off and so are revenues.      


Coincidently on the very same day of Dec. 8th, Mayor Doyle Arp wrote a letter to Mayor Matt Brookshire, which was briefly discussed at the Personnel Committee meeting on Dec. 17th. The letter concerned the Loudon County Office of Planning and Development and their current financial dilemma. The planning office has been spending and depleting its reserves, which are scheduled to run out very shortly in January 2009, without an infusion of additional funds.


Mayor Arp requested that Lenoir City submit half of their annual allocation of revenue now, rather than wait until the end of the fiscal year. Based on todayís comments, Planner Newman may find himself scrooged by Lenoir City officials and receive a lump of coal instead.    


As a side-note, Mayor Arpís Dec. 8th letter was not discussed at the Dec. 15th commission workshop meeting even though Chairman Roy Bledsoe and Loudon County Commissioners received courtesy copies of Mayor Arpís letter.




Chairman Monty Ross(l), Planner Russ Newman (M), Leslie Johnson, Codes-Planner (R)

 Lenoir City Regional Planning Commission meeting