Public Hearing 

Commission Meeting

October 12, 6:00 PM, Annex

Proposed Budget FY 09-10

By: Pat Hunter

What has the recession done to your pocket book? Many property owners received letters in the mail informing them of higher property re-appraisals. If you're like my family, our property taxes will go up because of a higher property assessment. Seniors will not receive a raise for the next 2-years even though insurance premiums and medicines will increase. Beginning October 1, Lenoir Cities Utilities will raise rates by nine percent (9%).

This year Commission will not raise property taxes but next year is a different story. There is already talk that some county elected officials plan to file lawsuits for more money after the elections. 

Loudon County Commission will hold a public hearing to accept comments from citizens about the proposed budgets. The public is urged to attend and speak about the budget. Loudon County Commission will vote on the proposed budget and set the property tax rate. Commission must decide whether to go along with the Budget Committee's recommendations or come up with their own.

Many of the budgets propose to spend more than estimated revenues propose to bring in. A 2 percent pay raise is proposed for all county employees. The county health insurance increased by nearly 6 percent but the increase will be passed on to taxpayers. 

A crowd is expected because the school budget is on the agenda for Commission's consideration and vote. The school budget is $792,884 in the red. The School Board voted to purchase new science books ($430,000) from fund balance. But the Budget Committee decided to lump the science books with school employee pay raises in the general purpose operating budget. Director Honeycutt recommended a 1.4 percent pay raise for all employees but the majority of school board voted in a 2 percent pay raise. Some on the school board are anxious to get started on the school building plans but the proposed school budget may impact how much money commission is able to fund. A Budget Committee member voiced his concerns about some big pay raises in the school  budget ($18,658 for two employees).  Commission may not line item the school budget but must vote the budget up or down.     

Just in case you missed the small print in the September 30-October 1 News Herald, here's a copy of the Public Notice in the classified section, which showed the various budgets. Located at the bottom of the ad, "Loudon County Government will hold a public hearing on the above stated budgets for Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2009 and ending June 30, 2010 on October 12, 2009 at 6:00 PM at the Courthouse Annex located in Loudon County, Tennessee."    

click to view pdf. files of the budget

Summary of proposed FY 09-10 Budget

FY 09-10 Fund 101 County General

FY 09-10 Fund 114 Law Library

FY 09-10 Fund 115 Public Library

FY 09-10 Fund - 116 Recycling Centers

FY 09-10 Fund - 122 County Drug

FY 09-10 Fund - 128 Federal Drug

FY 09-10 Fund - 131 Highway Dept.

FY 09-10 Fund - 141 General Purpose School

FY 09-10 Fund - 142 School Federal Projects

FY 09-10 Fund -  151 General Debt Service

FY 09-10 Fund - 156 Education Debt Service

FY 09-10 Fund - 171 General Capital Projects

FY 09-10 Fund - 176 Hwy Cap Projects

FY 09-10 Fund - 177 Education Cap Projects


 Public Hearing Notice - FY 09-10 Budget (pdf.)


Very small print at the bottom of the Sept. 30-Oct.1 Public Notice informs citizens about the Oct. 12 meeting and various budgets.