A Public Notice appeared in the Classified section of the Dec. 26-27 News Herald regarding the trustee vacancy. Interested individuals may submit resumes to the Loudon County Clerk's Office at 101 Mulberry (Annex) Loudon, TN 37774. Although the ad specifies "qualified individual" will be considered, according to the CTAS Manual, the office of trustee does not carry any qualifications beyond the general qualifications for county officers.

At Monday's January 7, 2013 6:00 p.m. meeting, Loudon County Commission will consider individuals to serve as new interim Trustee who will serve the unexpired term Aug. 31, 2014.

Loudon County Commission has no formal vetting process to consider individuals who wish to serve on appointed committees, commissions (planning, solid waste, etc.) or other elected positions. Unless an appointee resigns or dies in office, most appointments are life-time appointments. Some have served in office for 10, 20 or 30 years. I recall when one long time appointee passed away and his position was purportedly offered to his widow but after she declined, the appointment was then offered to his son who filled the term.

During the May 4, 2010 primary race, several individuals ran for the office of trustee and at least two individuals Sherri Colvard and Mike Cartwright indicated to the Knoxville News Sentinel that they are interested in the job. 

The closest vetting process took place when filling the vacancy for property assessor after the death of Chuck Jenkins, and candidates Mike Campbell and Jane Smith were given an opportunity to share qualifications before commissioners met for a formal vote.

Will this be a fair open process or backroom political favors?


May 4, 2010 Republican Primary - Trustee Race



















General qualifications of officeholders are located in the Tennessee Code Annotated, which provides that all persons 18 years old and over, who are citizens of the United States and of Tennessee, and who meet certain residency requirements are qualified to hold office unless the person:

1. Has been convicted of offering or giving a bribe, of larceny, or, of any other offense declared infamous by law, unless the person has been

restored to citizenship as prescribed by law;

2. Has not paid a judgment for money received in an official capacity, which is due to the United States, Tennessee, or any county;

3. Has defaulted to the treasury at the time of election (in which case the election is void);

4. Is a soldier, seaman, marine, or airman in the regular United States Army, Navy or Air Force; or

5. Is a member of Congress or holds any office of profit or trust under any foreign power, other state of the Union, or the United States.

T.C.A. 8-18-101.