School Director Edward Headlee (L), D-2 Lenoir City Chairman Bobby Johnson, Jr., (M) and D-5 Eaton - Browder June Klinstiver (L)

School Board Approves Budget (Red)

By: Pat Hunter

At the June 2nd Commission meeting, School Director Edward Headlee requested that Commission delay setting the property tax rate in order to give the School Board more time to work on the Budget, which he said was within $400,000 of meeting the Budget Committee's request. 

But at the end of the June 12th Loudon County Board of Education meeting, the School Board spent more and did not reach the target budget amount. The School Board approved the proposed FY 08-09 Budget with numerous amendments. The evening was long and at times confusing with budget amendment after budget amendment.

The Board was split on the issue of cutting $100,000 from the Budget and sending the Maintenance personnel to the county maintenance dept. For the time being, the Maintenance Coordinator and a part-time maintenance person will stay on the School Budget. The Board was split on transferring the two maintenance personnel to the County Maintenance Dept. Although the one part-timer maintenance person splits the remainder of his time working for the county maintenance dept. Some of the Board wished to maintain the Maintenance Coordinator to help oversee the proposed School Building plan.  

At least two School Board members, D-5 Freddie Gene Walker and D-3 Leroy Tate felt that the  Board should try to fulfill the Budget Committee's request to reduce spending. By doing so, the School Board could then explain to Commissioners that additional funding was needed to give school employees pay raises and other school items, which the Board deemed essential. By presenting a trim Budget in the black by $47K, would demonstrate to Commissioners that the School Board was sincere and acting in good faith. But that was not meant to be. 

The School Board went back and forth when it came to cutting out personnel. But when all was said and done, the Board decided not to cut the nine (9) Family Liaisons positions. Public records indicate that liaisons work 100 days and are half time positions. Seven out of the nine liaisons are held by retired teachers and at least three have relatives in county government.

The School Board voted not to cut the Student Pupil Supervisor and Guidance Counselor; both positions remained in the Budget. All school employees are supposed to receive at least a 2 percent pay raise. The Maintenance Coordinator and a part-time maintenance person stay on the School Budget for now.

Personnel on School Board CUT LIST







Eaton Family Liaison


$20,995 100 days-P ?
Steekee Family Liaison


$23,125 100 days-P ?
Loudon Elem. Family Liaison


$23,945 100 days-P ?
Highland Park Family Liaison


$24,375 100 days-P ?
Ft Loudon Family Liaison


$25,625 100 days-P ?
Greenback Family Liaison


$26,875 100 days-P ?
Loudon High Family Liaison


$26,875 100 days-P ?
Philadelphia Family Liaison


$26,875 100 days-P ?
? North Middle Family Liaison


? 100 days-P ?
Central Office

Student Pupil Supervisor



12 months - F yes
CTE (Tech) Guidance Counselor



Central Office Maintenance Coordinator



12 months-F yes
Central Office Maintenance



part-time yes
Central Office Attendance



contract ?

Some Budget items include the Attendance personnel at $25,000, School Board pay at $36,240, travel expense, conferences, retreats, new tech trainer and Para-Pros will now work 176 days, etc. To view click here List of Proposed 2008-2009 Budget Reductions, June 9, 2008.

The County Budget Committee will soon review the latest proposed School Board Budget and vote yes or no. The Committee's recommendation will then be sent to the full commission with the latest School Board request of $2 Million plus from the original $4.6 Million Budget.

So far, the Budget Committee has recommended:

Commissioners voted to take away 7 cents from the Schools and now they propose giving back 8 cents for a net gain of 1 cent!  

School Budget Background:

Back in early April 2008, the School Board sent the original proposed Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget with total expenditures of $39,758,189.00. The fiscal year begins July 1, 2008 and ends June 30, 2009.

The Budget included $4,624,353.00 ($4.6 Million) more than the total estimated revenues. The Budget Committee commented that it would take about a 52 cent property tax increase in order to fund the entire $4.6 Million School Board budget request.

School revenues were adjusted to include BEP state revenues along with an adjustment (increase) to the School Fund Balance.

During the course of a two-month budget period, the Budget Committee met to discuss the various county departments and school budget. The Budget Committee approved, set and recommended the new proposed property tax rate, which ultimately must be approved by Commission.

Based on the proposed 8 pennies increase, County School's would be earmarked to receive about $1,240,836; $554,371 would go to Lenoir City School's for county students, which attend  Lenoir City High School.