The next Loudon County Redistricting Meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 4, 2011 has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict, the funeral service for Loudon County property assessor Chuck Jenkins funera.

The next redistricting committee meeting is rescheduled for Thursday August 18, 2011, 6:00 PM at the County Office Bldg. 100 River Rd., Loudon.

The Redistricting Committee has met on July 7, July 21, and July 28.

At the first redistricting committee meeting, Mayor Herron recommended the election of officers with Planning Director Russ Newman as Chairman, Carolyn Harper as Vice-Chair, and Susan Harrison as Secretary. A CTAS consultant was present to speak about the redistricting process and answer questions from the committee. The committee also voted to keep the current ten member commission and not to add more commissioners. By state law, commission may be expanded up to twenty-five commissioners but no more than three commissioners per district. The redistricting committee discussed not changing boundaries for the majority of districts but to focus redistricting efforts with three districts, District 1 Loudon, District 4 Philadelphia, and District 7 (Tellico Village).

To view proposed maps and minutes of past meetings, please click the following Loudon County Election website:









“The legislative body shall be composed of representatives from districts in the county as drawn by the county legislative body pursuant to statutes enacted by the General Assembly. Districts shall be reapportioned at least every ten years based upon the most recent federal census. The legislative body shall not exceed twenty-five members, and no more than three representatives shall be elected from a district.”