Rep. Julia Hurley - Republican

District 32 Parts of Lenoir City- Roane County

Nashville Address: 301 6th Avenue North, Suite 114 War Memorial Bldg., Nashville, TN 37243

Phone (615) 741-7658; Fax (615) 253-0163; E-mail: rep.julia.hurley@capitol.tn.gov

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Sponsored Bill List - 25 Bills


Bill Number Composite Abstract Last Action Date
HB0396 Victims' Rights - As enacted, enacts the "Victims of Crime Executive Clemency Notification Act." Pub. Ch. 439 06/15/2011
HB0398 Criminal Offenses - As introduced, increases the fine for assaulting a sports official of a school sponsored activity to $5,000. Action Def. in s/c General Sub of Judiciary to Summer Study 03/02/2011
HB0763 Education, Higher - As introduced, provides that veterans or current members of the United States armed forces who are not residents of Tennessee shall be classified as out-of-state students but shall not be charged out-of-state tuition rates. Action Def. in s/c Finance Subcommittee to 5/19/2011 05/19/2011
HB0827 Courts - As introduced, allows any person who provides satisfactory proof that such person graduated from a court reporting program prior to January 1, 2010, to be licensed to practice as a court reporter. Action Def. in Judiciary Committee to 2012 04/26/2011
HB1037 Special License Plates - As introduced, authorizes issuance of Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police new specialty earmarked license plates to members and associate members of organization without 1,000 plate minimum and allocates 50% of revenues derived from sale thereof to organization's charitable foundation; deletes authorization for National Fraternal Order of Police new specialty earmarked license plates. Action Def. in Transportation Committee to Omnibus Special License Plate Bill 03/15/2011
HB1093 Emergency Communications Districts - As enacted, allows state board to grant exceptions or waivers to certain employment requirements for emergency call takers and public safety dispatchers. Pub. Ch. 265 05/25/2011
HB1094 Emergency Communications Districts - As enacted, allows district to purchase equipment under same terms of legal bid initiated by another district. Comp. became Pub. Ch. 117 04/28/2011
HB1167 Harriman - As introduced, subject to local approval, permits the city of Harriman to raise its occupancy tax from a rate not to exceed 5 percent to a rate not to exceed 7 percent. Comp. became Pr. Ch. 10 04/28/2011
HB1269 Industrial Development - As introduced, increases from 30 to 50 years the maximum period of time that an economic impact plan can provide for allocating property taxes to a county industrial development corporation. Taken Off Notice For Cal. in: State & Local Government Committee 03/29/2011
HB1270 Sexual Offenders - As enacted, provides that the HIV test a sexual offender is required to undergo must be performed within 48 hours after the presentment of the indictment or information and with or without the request of the victim; adds aggravated rape of a child and statutory rape by an authority figure to the list of offenses requiring HIV testing of the alleged perpetrator. Pub. Ch. 269 05/25/2011
HB1350 Local Government, General - As introduced, authorizes municipalities and counties, by resolution or ordinance, to prohibit landlords from leasing real property to persons unlawfully present in the United States; requires the attorney general and reporter to draft and defend such resolutions and ordinances upon written request. Taken Off Notice For Cal. in s/c S&LG Subcommittee of State & Local Government Committee 03/23/2011
HB1499 Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - As enacted, specifies that the county executive of Roane County may designate a person from the office of the county sheriff or from the county office of emergency management to accompany an agent of TWRA when inspecting a Class I wildlife facility in Roane County. Comp. became Pub. Ch. 339 06/03/2011
HB1620 Utilities, Utility Districts - As introduced, requires a board of public utilities to meet within 14 days of appointment to elect a chair instead of 10 and requires notice of meetings to be posted on the board's Web site. Failed for Lack of Motion in: Commerce Subcommittee 04/13/2011
HB2157 Rockwood - As introduced, subject to local approval, authorizes city to set criteria for awarding contracts by ordinance, rather than by charter provision, in accordance with the Municipal Purchasing Law. Pr. Ch. 32 07/14/2011
HB2159 Kingston - As introduced, subject to local approval, moves the date of the city election to coincide with the November general election; extends the four-year terms of office of the mayor and councilmen elected at the regular city election held in June 2009 or June 2011 to expire December 1, 2014 or 2016. Comp. became Pr. Ch. 28 06/10/2011
HB2168 Education, Higher - As introduced, provides that combat veterans or current members of the United States armed forces that have been in combat who are not residents of Tennessee shall be classified as out-of-state students but shall not be charged out-of-state tuition rates. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2172 Schools, Home - As introduced, allows home school students, including those conducted by parents associated with an organization that conducts church-related schools, to participate in extracurricular athletics if the student meets the academic and conduct standards required of other participants. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2194 Election Laws - As introduced, prohibits a person convicted of an infamous crime from voting in person or by absentee ballot if the person is incarcerated on election day or for the period of time established by law for early voting. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2197 Financial Responsibility Law - As introduced, requires a person with two or more convictions for driving under the influence to maintain double the amount of liability insurance, deposit of cash, or bond filed with the commissioner of safety in order to comply with financial responsibility laws. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2214 Interstate Compacts - As introduced, removes Tennessee from the Interstate Compact for Supervision of Adult Offenders. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2217 Motor Vehicles - As introduced, requires all tractor trailers to have a sign on the rear of the vehicle identifying the owner and the owner's business phone. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2227 Landlord and Tenant - As introduced, requires certain landlords to register with governmental entities, pay a registration fee and maintain certain identification on tenants; requires the comptroller to include certain information in its online database. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2228 Motor Vehicles - As introduced, revises from 10,000 to 8,000 the size of a municipality that can enforce certain traffic violations on interstate and defense highways within their jurisdiction without the permission of the commissioner of safety. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2229 Education - As introduced, requires high schools to forward vaccination records to higher education institution on behalf of dual enrollment student upon request of the student's parent or guardian; authorizes commissioner of education to promulgate rules to implement this act. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012
HB2285 Criminal Offenses - As introduced, adds community service as punishment for simple possession or casual exchange of certain controlled substances. Intro., P1C. 01/10/2012