School Board Still Can't Decide on Retreat Date or Topics

D-2 Lenoir City School Board Larry Proaps

By: Pat Hunter

March 1, 2009

Once more the School Board discussed holding a local retreat but couldn't decide on a date or what they plan to discuss.

Director Wayne Honeycutt will have to get back to the School Board about possible dates and topics of discussion.

Director Wayne Honeycutt's evaluation must be addressed and he mentioned that spring break was coming up.

School Board member Larry Proaps thought that a local retreat was a good idea but he had concerns about people running in and out of the meeting.

Proaps didn't want people interfering by coming in and out all of the time. At another workshop meeting, Larry Proaps wanted to  control "distractions" and he suggested that people that come in and stay and not leave but Van Shaver said that he did not support locking the door and keeping people in.

Van Shaver favored calling the retreat a gathering and he thought that it was a good idea to have specific topics and stay on a schedule.

Adult attention span start to wane after 20-minutes. If Mr. Proaps is so easily distracted perhaps he should consider some herbal remedies to enhance concentration and improve brain functions!


Budget Preparation

School Board member Van Shaver thought the only pressing thing was the upcoming budget. School Director Honeycutt reminded everyone that it was due April 15th.

Business manager Bennie Simms gave a brief update about the proposed budget. He commented that there are several components that go into preparing the budget. The cumulative sum is estimated at $1,554,726 (short). So far they have no clue of state and federal revenues, just guesses. The state may cancel extended contracts.  This will be a tough budget year, said Van Shaver.

Director Honeycutt mentioned that Commissioner Miller's initial recommendation is to get the same number of pennies as last year with a little bit of growth. We may be asked to contribute to the building program, added Van Shaver.