Road Superintendentís $2,500 Pay Request on Hold



By: Pat Hunter

January 1, 2009


Loudon County Road Superintendent Sean Giles made a request for payment for engineering services for the second quarter of the fiscal year. Sean Giles did not attend the Budget Committee meeting.     


At the Dec. 15th Budget Committee meeting, Budget Committee members, Chairman Doyle Arp, and 5th District Commissioners Chris Park and Harold Duff discussed Giles request. Commissioner Don Miller and David Meers, a member of the Budget Committee were absent. Meers is a Loudon County employee, Highland Park Principle


Budget Committee member Chris Park wanted to know if Giles had done any work in second quarter. Budget Chairman Doyle Arp mentioned that Commission had voted to pay Sean Giles $2,500 for the first quarter, July, August and ending September 30, for engineering services.


Loudon County Commissioners agreed to contract with a civil engineer and to pay her an hourly amount to save on engineering services. She started work in October 2008 but Giles was now asking to be paid $2,500. Finance Director Tracy Blair mentioned that $10,000 was budgeted and so far the only disbursement was for $2,500 to Sean Giles.


Commissioner Chris Park felt that before he made a decision to recommend a disbursement of funds he wanted to know more specific information. Commissioner Duff asked who makes this decision; the Budget Committee and Commission was the reply.


The Budget Committee voted unanimously to defer the request until the January 2009 Budget Committee meeting so Road Superintendent Giles could attend and answer questions about his request for payment.