Roll Call - School Board Candidates Forum





Freddy Walker (left, end), Van Shaver, June Klinstiver, Nancy Paule, Larry Bass, Lisa Russell, Gary Ubben and Wendy Baustian (right, end)


By: Pat Hunter

July 21, 2008


We know the value of students attending school but lets talk about the importance of candidates that were willing to take questions from the public and candidates who participated in a meet and greet. 


If you didnít attend the Candidates Forum event, you missed an opportunity and a rare treat to see and hear the candidates vying for the Loudon County Board of Education. The forum was held on Friday, July 18th at the Democratic Headquarters at 102 E. Broadway in downtown Lenoir City. Refreshments were served after the forum as candidates mingled with the crowd for some last minute questions and comments.


The meeting began with introductions; each candidate was given an opportunity to share a five-minute introductory about him or her self.


This was followed by questions and answers to the moderator of the forum, Ms. Judy Roitman, President of the Loudon County Democratic Womenís Party. Questions were submitted by audience members and read by Ms. Roitman. Some questions were specific to certain candidates while other questions were asked to all candidates. Candidates were placed on the hot seat for 1 Ĺ hours. Candidates were asked questions ranging from their viewpoints about the proposed $50 wheel tax and other more controversial topics such as the School Boardís $2.3 Million Land Deal on Highway 321, near the Roane County line.


The meeting was very informative and in the next few days, I will share some video clips of the candidates speaking in their own words.


One hot topic was the very controversial School Board decision to purchase land on Highway 321. Here's Ms. Wendy Baustian's opinion about that issue. "We may want to consider selling the property on Highway 321. While we previously had a building plan which included this property, due to economic times, it is prudent that we consider selling this land and using the money for bonding of the capital building plan rather than implementing a wheel tax."


Click video clip   Wendy Baustian about land on Hwy. 321


Ms. Baustian is running for the Loudon District Seat A against incumbent Bill Marcus, husband of Commissioner- Budget Committee member Nancy Marcus.  




Wendy Baustian, Loudon Elementary PTO President.


Hereís the list of candidates for the Loudon County Board of Education, which attended the forum and those candidates that did not attend.


D-1 Loudon

Seat A

Wendy Baustian, PTO President and Loudon Elementary parent.

Bill Marcus Ė Incumbent, Absent


D-3 Greenback

Larry Bass, Incumbent

Lisa Russell, Greenback parent.


D-5 Eatonís - Browder

Seat A

June Klinstiver, Incumbent

Van Shaver, X D-5 Commissioner.  


D-5 Eatonís Seat B

Freddie Gene Walker, Incumbent

Garry Ubben, UT Professor.  

Chris Clabough Ė Absent.


D-7 Tellico Village

Nancy Paule, Incumbent

Craig Simon - Absent