Goof on Roof Estimate leads to More Delays


Beam located in cafeteria at Loudon Elementary School (LES).

LES identified as 1 of 3 schools with serious roof problems  



School Roof issues drag on and on…

By: Pat Hunter

February 5, 2009


School Facilities Coordinator David Hemelright addressed the School Board at the Jan. 29, 2009  workshop meeting. Hemelright gave an update on the roof repairs to address leaks; Design Tech has just completed Loudon High School Auditorium, Locker area at Greenback School and Philadelphia. They are currently working on Loudon Elementary School. They seem to be having some problems and they are working at getting the balance of the leaks at Loudon Elem. When they finish at Loudon Elementary School, they will go to North Middle School, Eaton Elementary School and Highland Park and Loudon High School main bldg. and Greenback School main bldg. and end up at the Tech Center.


Hemelright also reported the status of school roof bids. On Jan 27th, the Loudon County purchasing department opened sealed bids for the school roof project. Earlier estimates used to obtain funding by commission for the roof project were higher than original estimates and now the roof projects are on hold. Five companies bid for the roof contract but the square footage estimates were relatively higher. There are not enough funds to award the contract at present time and Director Honeycutt, Business Manager Sims and Leo Bradshaw are working to address funding issues.


The lowest bid was rejected because of technicalities, but the next bidder does high quality work and has done work before. According to public records, the roof company is located in Louisville Kentucky.


School Board member Larry Proaps brought up leaks at North Middle. This was brought to the School Board's attention by North Middle Principal Tim Berry when he sent an email with concerns of leaks. Tim Berry did not attend the workshop meeting and was not present to address this issue. Hemelright thought that the water leaks had to do with a wall that needed to be sealed that he thought was problematic since it was built. There is a major deficiency there but nobody seems to know where the problem is. He thought that it needed to be re-sealed and Design Tech would do the work.


At the request of the School Board, Loudon County Commission borrowed $800,000 for two projects, bleachers $300,000 and $500,000 to fix roofs. Facilities Coordinator David Hemelright and Leo Bradshaw, Purchasing and Maintenance Director worked on the original roof estimates.


When sealed bids were opened, the lowest bid was for $490,650, Alternate #1 Bid $6,000 but this was rejected for technicalities, according to Hemelright. The next bid was for $598,777.00, Alternate #1 Bid, $16,150 but that amount exceeds the $500,000 bid estimate by $114,927 (est).


Three school roofs have been identified with serious roof issues.


Loudon Elementary School



Loudon High School






Philadelphia School - no picture






REVISED 2-7-09 correction *$800,000 for two projects, bleachers ($300K) and roofs ($500K)