Remembering 9-1-1


Old Glory on Hwy 321


By: Pat Hunter

September 11, 2008 


Itís hard to imagine that today marks the seventh anniversary of 9-1-1 when terrorist attacked American soil and so many brave people lost their lives. Please take a moment from your busy schedule to remember and pay your respect to all the brave people that lost their lives at the World Trade Center - Twin Towers, New York City, the Pentagon, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. May their memories and prayers be with their families and friends. 

There is an estimated 400,000 believed to have been exposed to the dust, air pollution and aftermath of the disaster. At least 35,000 to 70,000 people have developed serious health and lung problems such as PTSD and asthma. Many people included rescue workers, residents, passers-by, workers, and travelers. And many were also affected with post-traumatic stress disorder.