September 8, 2008 Commission Meeting Notes

By: Pat Hunter

September 9, 2008

Eatonwood Subdivision Assessment Paid in Full

Good News for Eatonwood Subdivision property owners. Loudon County Commission voted at the Monday's Sept. 8th meeting to unanimously adopt a Resolution declaring that property owners in the Eatonwood Subdivision have paid in FULL, the principle and interest owned by Loudon County on the Eatonwood Special Sewer District. Property owners Betty and Martin Brown were present to hear the good news from commissioners. Several years ago, neighbors from the Eatonwood subdivision brought concerns about sewer problems and the county helped the neighbors hook up to LCUB sewer with the understanding that they pay back an additional assessment until it was fully paid.

Eaton Forest Special District - $550 assessment levied for 2008

Commissioners also voted to adopt a Resolution levying a 2008 special assessment of $550 on buildable parcels for sewer improvements in Eaton Forest Special District. According to Mayor Arp and Finance Director Tracy Blair, 2 or 3 more years remain before the principle and interest is paid in full. The neighbors from Eaton Forest shared similar sewer problems and they too requested that the county help with the installation of sewer lines in that area.

International Codes

In other action, County Commissioners unanimously adopted the 2006 residential International Building Codes with no amendments. The County wanted to be consistent with Loudon and Lenoir City so as not to confuse the poor developers. Lenoir City will soon adopt a similar code.