School Revenue Shortfall


& Tax Break for Industry X




By: Pat Hunter

November 2, 2008


More bad news, extended contracts were cut 13 percent (13%) and expect a budget amendment in the near future. School Director Wayne Honeycutt shared general information about state revenues and programs at last Thursday’s, Oct. 30th School Board workshop meeting. Director Honeycutt had just returned from a new school directors meeting with the commissioner and deputy commissioner of education. He said that it was not good for the state. 


According to Honeycutt, state revenues are down for July and August and September may be worse considering the gloomy economic climate. He explained that cuts in programs tied to matching grants and federal projects will be affected because of revenue shortfalls. More cuts are expected to extended contracts. Also, the health care program could be next but that is uncertain. Director Honeycutt is hoping that school administrators will receive adequate notice so they can act accordingly. Given this grim news concerning projected state revenue shortfalls, can our school system afford a loss of tax revenues, given that local government will have to make the difference or face drastic cuts in programs?


School Board member Van Shaver expressed his concerns at the same School Board workshop about a workshop agenda item, “Tax Break for Industry X.” Shaver urged Director Wayne Honeycutt to share his concerns to Commission about the loss of tax revenue to schools. He also urged School Board members to contact Commissioners and to share their concerns about the loss of tax revenues to schools if this tax break is given to Business X.


School Board member Craig Simon wanted to be responsible but he thought the School Board should share their concerns about the loss on revenue to schools.


School Board member Larry Proaps mentioned that it would be a tremendous struggle to meet next year’s budget but Proaps wanted to ask nicely.  Director Honeycutt will express his concerns to Commission but will they listen.


Diplomacy is fine and dandy but taking money from school children to give to a rich corporation is simply unacceptable, anyway you slice it or dice it!