Loudon County Finance Meeting


How much can County afford - $47million School Building Program

By: Pat Hunter

For nearly nine months, the Loudon County Board of Education has tried to obtain a firm number from Loudon County Commissioners as to what Commission is willing to fund on the $47 Million Phase 1 school building program. How hard could that be?

Mayor Arp made an announcement at the end of Jan. 25th commission workshop meeting; Arp referred to it as Show and Tell.

According to Mayor Arp, CTAS Ron Woody had looked over the presentation that Finance Director Tracy Blair had prepared.

County Technical Assistance Services (CTAS) consultant Ron Woody worked two days (Friday and Monday) at the Loudon County Office Building, he explained to commissioners.  Woody looked at the county finances, where we have been and where we are going. Mayor Arp suggested meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd or Thursday, Feb. 4th and Commissioners decided on Wednesday. 

Mayor Arp said that this was not a workshop but a presentation on the debt, borrowing power and expenditures.  The presentation will be made at the Loudon County Courthouse Annex at 6:00 PM, Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010.

Mayor Arp also informed Commissioners of an invitation to attend a joint meeting with the school board on February 8th at the Loudon County High School.

So far, no agenda or meeting notice has been posted on the Loudon County government website, pass the word to others who may be interested in attending.



February 3, 2010 (Wednesday) 6:00 PM,

Annex Basement Meeting room, Loudon

adjacent from Historic Loudon Courthouse - Lee Hwy./Mulberry