KFC-Taco Bell & Waffle House Signage



EDA roundtable


By: Pat Hunter

September 1, 2008


First there was talk about not wanting to be a sign city and then the EDA Board voted on Thursday (Aug. 28th) to go with Loudon City's 30' height regs rather than staying the course with their more restrictive 20' covenants; go figure! This must still be approved by the Loudon City Board of Zoning appeals.


A request was made by KFC, Taco Bell and the new kid on the block Waffle House. In an email, Jack Sims with Taco Bell, requested that he be allowed to install a pylon sign that is 50’ in height. Arp said that he preferred that Loudon City address that issue but Kathy Knight, EDA assistant director, mentioned that the EDA Board must address this issue because of Centre 75 covenants, which are more restrictive.


The BZA (planning) wanted to hear from the EDA Board as to how they felt about this issue. McDonald’s has a 50’ sign so Taco Bell wanted a 50’ sign also in order to have a “level playing field.”


Centre 75’s covenants are 20’, which supersede Loudon City’s regulations. Phillips offered a compromise of 30’ to be consistent with Loudon City’s regulations. The Waffle House rep said that the McDonald’s sign would cut back visibility.


The EDA's Board motion was to approve 30’ height and 102 sq. ft on the face signage for Taco Bell and Waffle House.  All voted yes except for EDA Chairman Mayor Doyle Arp, who said that he passed.


There was talk about changing the covenants but this will be addressed later according to Phillips because the Board must vote on it. Arp said in a chuckle that the property was not in the name of the EDA and should sign off on all the bills; that'll be the day!