Smorgasbord of ODORS – Loudon County


By: Pat Hunter

August 24, 2008


Loudon County is the smorgasbord of odors and for years residents have complained about the noxious odors from Tate & Lyle a/k/a A.E. Staley and Viskase; both plants are located in the Blairbend Industrial Park. Other odors travel from the mushroom factory and county owned landfill. 


One whiff of odors may cause health issues such as eye irritation, nose drip, coughing and tickle your throat. But, leave it up to shortsighted Loudon City officials to say that the hazardous air pollutants "smell like money" while these noxious odors also help to drive away commerce and residential development.  


Slated for discussion at Wednesday’s, August 27th Loudon County Air Quality Task Force meeting will be the subject of Odor Regulations.


Odor is one of six components that affect air quality, which was identified by the air quality task force. The following Power Point slide information was presented by the air quality task force to the three local government entities. “Offensive Odors Need to be Eliminated - Tale of three Cities – Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL, and Chattanooga, TN – all three with poor air quality and offensive odors – local officials demanded elimination of odors and the local economies flourished. Riverfronts became a significant advantage to the cities.  Offensive Odors will limit (1) the future development of the City of Loudon, (2) the growth of Loudon County, and (3) tax revenues from property assessments and sales taxes”…


Odors travel for miles and Loudon County is growing with many upscale developments such as Tellico Village, Tennessee National, Avalon, Rarity Bay, and Rarity Pointe, which attract retirees and contribute to the property tax base.


Odors should not interfere with the use and enjoyment of adjacent properties. Some communities have determined that it’s in the best interest of the general health, safety and welfare to take prudent steps to control the emissions of these noxious odors.


If you are concerned about air quality issues and odors, please try to attend, Wednesday’s Loudon County Air Quality Task Force meeting. The draft agenda is listed below.   


Opinion Page - Sharing your Story:

If you would like to share your comments or story about air quality and odors and how this impacts your and your family's quality of life, please email me. Do you like to shop or have lunch or dinner in Loudon when odors are sickening and over powering?  




Written Comments to air quality task force

Also, if you cannot attend Wednesday's task force meeting, please feel free to send me a copy of your comments about air quality and/or odors and I will be happy to deliver your written comments to the task force so comments may be entered into the official meeting minutes. Your input is important. Email:




 Loudon County Air Quality Task Force









August 27, 2008 (Wednedsay)

Loudon County Courthouse Annex

3:30 pm



  1. Roll Call
  2. Acceptance of June 25th minutes
  3. Acceptance of agenda
  4. Citizen comments on non-agenda items
  5. Discussion regarding proposed ready mix facility by VANHOOSECO.
  6. Future of Monitors – Crosby
  7. Odor Regulations  
  8. Industry Project Updates
  9. Adjourn


Visitor comments will be received after each major agenda item.