Commission votes to hold Special Called Meeting June 29

- NO July 6th meeting

By: Pat Hunter

June 27, 2009

At the June 1st Commission meeting, Mayor Doyle Arp asked Commission Chairman Roy Bledsoe to schedule a meeting for June 29th to consider budget amendments for the school department. With vacation plans pending for some commissioners, commissioners voted not to have a July 6th meeting. Instead a called meeting will be set  for June 29, 2009. It took about ten minutes to approve the mayor's request, which was not on the commission agenda.

Mayor Arp also asked for Commission to approve a planning director at that called meeting. If not at the special called meeting, Mayor Arp commented that he thought that he would have the right to place Russ (Newman) in that position until the Commission did meet and approve it. Arp was referring to Commission's vote to merge the Planning Department with the Building and Codes Enforcement Department to be under the mayor's thumb. If Commission doesn't approve Russ that we would have to go a different way, he added.

Normally, we don't have a July meeting scheduled, he commented. Commission usually  meets on the first Monday of each month unless it falls on a holiday and this year it would fall on July 6 but that would be up to commission. He thought that the Budget Committee may have the school budget that they could examine.

Mayor Arp was open for suggestions. Arp was then asked when did he expect the county to adopt a property tax rate. He replied that perhaps in the first week of August or the second week in September since a holiday falls on the first Monday in September.

For a Special Called meeting all agenda items must be identified and placed in the newspaper, Mayor Arp informed commissioners. Nothing is pressing for July 6th.

Commissioner Chris Park asked about a workshop date either on June 15 or June 22 but Mayor Arp replied that there would be no need for a workshop because there would be no items.

Commissioner Austin Shaver inquired if Commission was to hold a special called meeting could commission procedurally also hold a regular commission meeting and workshop meeting. Does it have to be defined right now what we want on the Special Called meeting because Shaver wanted commission to consider paying off a $3 Million loan in account #156. One proposed expenditure from that would be for architect fees, which would be first to be paid from the amount. Purchasing Director Leo Bradshaw said that he would also have to sign the contract with the architects to start the drawings.

There was a debate between Commissioners Miller and Shaver about how much money would be saved by paying off the $3 Million loan early and another discussion about the timing of the loan.

Commissioner Nancy Marcus made a motion, seconded by Comm. David Meers, to hold a Special Called meeting on June 29 and to cancel the regularly scheduled July 6th commission meeting. The vote was 8 yes and 2 no's, which came from Commissioners Shaver and Duff.   

The mayor likes to say every so often how this is not a mayor's meeting but a commissioners meeting, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the tail wags the dog!


Commission Chairman Roy Bledsoe (l), Mayor Doyle Arp (m), Commission Bob Franke