State Report Card

Loudon County School System

Sarah Dailey (l) Wendy Baustian (r)

By: Pat Hunter

November 18, 2008

The Tennessee Department of Education has just released its annual 2008 State Education Report Card for all public schools, PRE-K-12.

Sarah Dailey with the Loudon County School Solutions blog spot and Loudon Elementary School PTA President Wendy Baustian just completed an easy to read Report of the comprehensive 2008 State Education Report Card.

Sarah and Wendy worked together to compile the data and put in a user-friendly format to make it as easy to read and understand on the Loudon County Schools Solutions website. The blog spot site is owned and managed by Sarah Dailey and Wendy contributes articles about school issues. To view the report, visit

Both Moms are volunteers and PTA officers at Loudon Elementary School. If you are interested in helping them out or offering words of support, please contact them at Loudon County Schools Solutions website.

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