Step Increases – Sheriff Dept. & Circuit Court Clerk


Register of Deeds – budget increased 

By: Pat Hunter

Jan. 1, 2009


Sheriff’s Department

Last on the December 15, 2008 Loudon County Budget Committee meeting agenda was item #5. FYI: Step increases Sheriff and Circuit Court. Two letters were sent from Assistant Chief Deputy James D. Davis (Jimmy Davis) with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department to the Finance Office.


In the first letter Davis informed payroll personnel that effective this pay period, please increase Wendell Vance Wrights hourly rate $1.17 an hour. The second letter stated that effective December 1, 2008, Lieutenant Teresa Smith was due her third quarterly raise of $500 per year.



Circuit Court Clerk

Lisa Niles, Loudon County Circuit Court Clerk, sent a memo to the Finance Department, which was dated December 1, 2008. Niles made the following request, “Please increase the annual salary of Circuit Court Deputy Clerk, Lori Beaty by $500, effective 12/1/08. This is as a result of a performance evaluation. This request is approved and reflected in the signed Letter of Agreement.” 


Register of Deeds

Also, there was a brief discussion about a budget increase in the office of Tracy Littleton, Register of Deeds. The Register of Deeds budget will be increased by $8,150, additional expense in office equipment. The Register of Deeds collects certain fees and she has a reserve estimated at $45,000, which can be used for anything associated with computers. The increase is for a person to come in and scan plats recorded in the office, which is estimated at 3,000. The budget adjustment will be done at the end of the fiscal year.


Everything is on microfilm except for the plats that are proposed to be scanned. Mayor Arp informed everyone that there was a cut of an employee in the Register of Deeds office. A first in the history of an office holder added Commissioner Harold Duff. The motion was was made by Commissioner Chris Park and seconded by Commissioner Harold Duff. The motion passed unanimously.