President Barack Obama signs $787 Billion Stimulus Bill




Tennessee to receive $4.28 billion

February 17, 2009

President Barack Obama signed the $787 Billion stimulus bill on Feb 17. The stimulus bill combines $200 billion for infrastructure, $250 billion to individuals and distressed states and $300 billion in tax breaks for business and individuals to revive the economy. Based on a preliminary analysis of the bill, Tennessee is in line to receive about $4.28 billion over the next two years. Here's the breakdown:


Medicaid: $1.62 billion


Education: $791 million


Highways and bridges: $593 million


Special education: $243 million


Title I education: $225 million


General purpose: $171 million


Weatherizing homes: $97 million


Transit capital grants: $91 million


Criminal justice grants: $74 million


Public housing capital fund: $65 million


Clean water projects: $58 million


Child care: $42 million


Dislocated worker: $28 million


Youth job training: $25 million


Homelessness prevention: $20 million


Drinking water projects: $20 million


Community services: $20 million


Head Start : $14 million


Education tech: $12 million


Vocational rehab: $12 million


Adult job training: $11 million


Unemployment insurance administration: $9.6 million


Employment service: $7.4 million


Elderly nutrition: $2.6 million


Food assistance: $2 million


Emergency food and shelter: $2 million

SOURCE: The Tennessean & Federal Funds Information for States.