How will proposed legislation

affect Loudon County residents?



Senator McNally & Rep. Matlock meeting set for February 2nd



At the end of the Jan, 26th Monday commission workshop meeting, Mayor Doyle Arp announced that a meeting would be held with commissioners and state lawmakers Senator Randy McNally and  Representative Jimmy McNally. Mayor Arp did not have a firm commitment from Rep. Ferguson. The meeting would be held the following Monday Feb. 2, 2009 at 8:30 AM at the Loudon County Office Building, 100 River Rd., Loudon.


Mayor Arp arranged the meeting between commissioners and state lawmakers to discuss pending legislation. Commission is requesting the assistance of Senator McNally, Rep. Matlock and Rep. Ferguson.     


Click to View Video ClipMayor Arp shared details of the Feb 2, 2009 meeting with commissioners.


Most county commissioners sounded receptive to meeting and discussing pending resolutions that request state lawmakers to assist in passage of proposed laws. Matter of fact, Commissioners Don Miller and Bob Franke thanked Mayor Arp for arranging the meeting.


Last year, citizens attended the meeting so they could talk to state lawmakers after the meeting.