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Exec. Director Chamber leaving post


By: Pat Hunter

September 1, 2008


EDA Chairman, Loudon County Mayor Doyle Arp mentioned that it’s no secret since it was announced at a Chamber meeting that Theresa Ward Keenan will be leaving her post as Chamber Director at the end of this calendar year. Arp thanked her for a great job. The Chamber will be tasked with finding her replacement.


EDA Chairman Arp mentioned that when the Chamber was formed many years ago there was resistance. Arp said that he knew what the county was spending for economic development and he would like to see the cities work collectively and look into the feasibility of combining the economic development entities.  


Arp mentioned speaking to Jeffry Feike, Covenant Health Administrator. Jeffry (picture) is also with the Chamber of Commerce. Arp and Jeffry we’re going to get together to “chew the fat” and discuss this issue because commission (Budget Committee) would like to see a more unified effort with the money that the county spends.


Arp started off by mentioning the various economic development budgets which are funded by local  government. Arp said that he would be glad to appoint a committee to look into this matter and he asked for volunteers. He wants someone to meet with the          Chamber and cities. He thought Commissioner Bob Franke could look into that issue along with the city managers Dale Hurst and Lyn Mills, Jeffry Feike and whomever the Chamber wished to appoint to see if they could work something out.


Based on Mayor Arp's discussion with the other EDA Board members, the county is looking into strengthening economic opportunities with a more efficient use of county money.