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Giles Vents to Commissioners



Sean Giles addresses Commission about the Budget Committee voting to hire a civil engineer, no $10K pay supp. for Giles.

Budget Committee votes to hire civil engineer 

Take Gile's $10,000 Pay Supplement Away


By: Pat Hunter

July 29, 2008


Several weeks ago, the Budget Committee easily approved Giles base salary, which is set by state law based on population. Giles pay would be $70,350.00 but with the additional pay supplement his pay would exceed $80K.


The Road Superintendent stood at the conference room podium to address commissioners; Mayor Doyle Arp was not present.


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 My first question, have I not been doing my job, I’m looking around (at commissioners), Sean Giles said. Commissioner Wayne Gardin mentioned that Giles had done a good job. Second question, why are we looking for an engineer, Giles inquired?


To save some money, I think replied Budget Commissioner Don Miller. To save some money, we may or may not, Budget Commissioner Nancy Marcus added.


Giles appeared visibly upset. First the Budget Committee took a vote several weeks ago and recommended giving Giles an addition pay supplement of $10,000 and now they were taking the money away is how he viewed the situation. Giles had agreed to the $10,000 pay supplement and now the Budget Committee had changed their mind, which he said that it was their prerogative.


But if it doesn’t work out Giles asked are you coming back to me? Commissioner Marcus responded, I don’t know. The exchange continued. I think that you should know or you should be thinking about it, Giles added. We think that its worth a try, Marcus countered.


When you do this stuff, you have to watch these people and everything that they do referring to those that construct roads. Giles alluded that his job required close supervision. His job required that he look at compaction, materials and for $25 you referring to commissioners, “you get what you pay for.”


Giles didn’t know if anyone had complained about his inspections. Giles asked Planner Russ Newman, have they Russ; Newman replied “no.” Giles was not aware of any problems since he took office. Giles was sworn into office in late Aug-early September 2006.  When the roads are done they need to last some 30 to 40 years. There was more to constructing a road than just adding a layer of asphalt and Giles wanted to air his concerns to commissioners.


(Note:  After the Budget Committee meeting Mayor Arp and Highway Superintendent Sean Giles spoke. Giles informed Arp that he would not accept a road after the fact or if there was something wrong with the road. Arp commented I told you the other day, I don't have a vote, you smoked me back twice over this and I never brought it. Giles replied that he had not smoked Arp or anyone else over this).


SOURCE: County Technical Assistance Service UT (CTAS)


FY 2008-2009

 Population Class 

400,000 and more   N/A

275,000-399,999    N/A

250,000-274,999    $103,059

 225,000-249,999   $99,425

200,000-224,999     $95,791

175,000-199,999    $92,156

150,000-174,999    $88,522

125,000-149,999    $84,887

100,000-124,999    $81,253

65,000-99,999    $79,436

 50,000-64,999    $76,407

* Loudon County 35,000-49,999  $70,350   

23,000-34,999    $67,927

12,000-22,999    $63,527

Less than 12,000   $57,477


1. The compensation of the chief administrative officer of the county highway department shall be at least 10 percent higher than the salary paid to the general officers of the county (T.C.A. § 8-24-102(g)). The salaries noted above are based upon the assumption that the general officers receive the statutory minimum amount. Therefore, the minimum salary of the chief administrative officer in a particular county may be higher than the amounts listed above if county general officials are paid in excess of the statutory minimum.

2. The county legislative body may set the salary of the chief administrative officer in an amount greater than the salary noted above (T.C.A. § 8-24-102).

3. The increase in minimum salary for FY 2007-2008 in counties at or below the median population is $3,167. In all other counties it is 4.89%.

4. Salaries effective July 1, 2008.


SOURCE: County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS)

Compensation of Officeholder


“Highway superintendents are paid based in part on the population level of

their counties. In 1996, the General Assembly reconfigured the county

classification scheme, setting out sixteen population classes for the purpose

of determining the compensation of county officers. 1996 Public Chapter

936; T.C.A. § 8-24-102. The statute was further amended in 2001 by Public

Chapter 401 to delete the smallest population class and add two new

population classes for the largest counties. The statute provides a base

salary schedules for three categories of county officers: (1) “general officers”

which include assessors of property, county clerks, clerks of court, trustees,

and registers of deeds; (2) sheriffs and chief administrative officers of

highway departments; and (3) county mayors. A separate statute provides

compensation for certified administrators of elections. T.C.A. § 2-12-208.


Salaries of county officials, including highway superintendents, are minimums

which may be increased by the county legislative body. The chief

administrative officer must receive at least the minimum salary stated under

T.C.A. 8-24-102. If two or more CAO's are elected or appointed with equal

duties, the compensation is divided equally between them. T.C.A. § 54-7-

106. The legislative body may at any time increase or decrease the salary

of the CAO as long as it is maintained at or above the minimum salary level.

T.C.A. § 54-7-106. The salary for the chief administrative officer of the

highway department must also be at least ten percent (10%) higher than the

salary of the county general officers. T.C.A. § 8-24-102. In determining this

amount, the county should consider any bonus received by a court clerk for

serving more than one court.”