Students Fees Proposed for Loudon & Greenback High

On Hold for Now

By: Pat Hunter


At the beginning of Thursday's Loudon County School Board meeting,  School Director Edward Headlee requested to add imposing students fees for high school students. Proposed student fees were discussed at Monday's workshop meeting by Loudon High Principal John Bartlett. Director Headlee said that a copy of the fee schedule was in the Board's packet. Dr. Bartlett was proposing student fees for Loudon High but Principal Joey Breedlove was not proposing a fee schedule for Greenback School, at this time. Headlee commented that the fees were not as extensive as Lenoir City's School fees.


D-2 Larry Proaps said that he had spoken to Greenback Principal Joey Breedlove, briefly before the meeting. Proaps said the Breedlove was not against the student fees but he could not get the fees in place this year but that he would have it in place the year after. Breedlove said that he supports the student fee schedule and but that he wanted to first speak with parents. Proaps commented that if it was passed for one school that it should be passed for the two high schools. He wanted to give Breedlove an opportunity to put in place for next year.  Proaps also wanted to see a cap placed on the student fees because some families could have 2 or 3 students at the high school.


D-1 Bill Marcus commented that if student fees were adopted that it should be system wide and not just imposing fees on Loudon High School students. 


The School Board delayed taking action this coming school year but this matter will come up for discussion again for the following school year.