Tate & Lyle News

Another Fire reported at plant

By: Pat Hunter

Once again British owned Tate and Lyle Ingredients Americas (A.E. Staley Co.) located in the Blairbend Industrial Park is in the news. Tate & Lyle manufactures ethanol and high fructose corn syrup. Dupont is also located near the Tate & Lyle facility.

Click to view WATE.COM reported that Loudon County fire and rescue responded to a fire on Monday, November 2nd in the early morning. According to information reported on the WATE website, "Officials there report the fire was contained by about 5 a.m. Officials remained on the scene for some time, checking for hot spots and ensuring the fire will not spark up again. No details have been released concerning the cause of the fire.No information is available regarding the damage or whether anyone was injured in the incident."

This is the second fire this year; the fire occurred on or about March 13, 2009.

At Wednesday’s Oct. 28th, Loudon County Air Quality Task Force meeting, Tate & Lyle General Manager Gerry Schlueter informed the community that the plant is on a scheduled shut down for the month of November.  The plant is not totally down but a large portion of our process is down. “We’re not grinding any corn” and we won’t be through the month of November. Tate & Lyle will do some major work and process modifications, Schluelter reported.



Gerry Schlueter (l) and Mike Slimbarski (retired T& L) manager

Pictured at the Loudon County Air Quality Task Force, both serve on the task force committee.