POLLS OPEN AT 8:00 AM TO 8:00 P.M.

One important change: the Browder Precinct located on Harrison Rd. at the Vocational School (Tech Center) has been moved miles away to the Eaton School located on Hickory Creek. The reason for moving the precinct is a lack of adequate parking.

If you have a voting problem bring this to the attention of the Poll Precinct Captain and contact the Election Commission at 458-



Election Day Voting Schedule & Precinct Locations

Voting on Election Day is held at several locations throughout Loudon County. The districts, precincts, and locations are listed below. Check your voter registration card for your district and precinct--use this information to find the correct voting location as shown below.




North Middle School 421 Hickory Creek Rd., Lenoir City



Eaton's Elementary School 423 Hickory Creek Rd., Lenoir City



 "Standing Up For Our Children"  





(THE HUNTER REPORT NOTE: A few weeks back, the local paper contacted candidates (challengers) running for school board with a set of questions. Candidates were given a few hours to respond before the paper went to print. Half of the candidates responded but the other half did not, nonetheless, an article was published. Ms. Karimian submitted her responses to the newspaper but the paper refused to print the answers. THE HUNTER REPORT would like to give Ms. Karimian the opportunity to share her responses with voters). She is running against incumbent Gary Ubben. Others vying for the District 5 Seat include Freddie Gene Walker and Brian Brown. Gook luck to all.


Teresa Karimian responds to questions


 1. What compelled you to run for the school board seat?

Firstly, a genuine concern for our children's education and safety. Secondly, an overwhelming amount of support from frustrated parents and teachers who feel their voices aren't being heard. 


2. What changes would like to initiate if you are elected?

It is my mission to focus on student achievement and fiscal responsibility through transparent leadership and fact-based analysis. The community has every right to expect accountability from its elected officials and also deserves the oportunity to have pride in its schools again.


3. What personal traits do you possess that would make you an asset to the  board?

First of all I have no conflict of interest. I'm not employed by Loudon County Government nor do I have any relatives employed by Loudon County school board. 

I have been involved in  the Loudon County school system ever since my first child started kindergarten at Eaton Elementary nine years ago. From volunteering and substituting, to attending school board meetings on a regular basis.  I am familiar with the many issues our system faces. I have actually been in our classrooms, helped out in the clinics, volunteered at every book fair, assisted in the lunchrooms and substituted in the offices. I have always been willing to do whatever I could to support my children and our schools. Serving on on the Loudon County School Board is a logical next step.


4. What is your vision for the school system in the next four years?

I would like to create an environment where parents, teachers and the community at large work hand-in-hand with the school board to responsibly steward funds and provide leadership that gives our children the best possible education. Our graduates need to be prepared and competitive. They are counting on all of us to get them there.


5. Obviously, Loudon is in competition with other counties regarding  teacher salaries. How would you address the need to stay fiscally  responsible versus the need to attract quality teachers with competitive  wages?


This issue is not unique to our community. There are models out there to give us ideas on how to leverage our opportunities and minimize our challenges. Merely acknowledging the competition issue does nothing to change the perceptions or realities of the situation. I believe there needs to be a formalized commitment towards finding and implementing a solution.